Disney Memories

Recently I’ve been watching a lot of Disney vlogs on YouTube. My current favourite channel being SeeYaRealSoon. I also recently found out that many college students vlog their Disney College Program experience which is very interesting to watch. And all these videos have made me want to look back at some of my Disney memories.

My first trip to EuroDisney was in 1993. However we have no photos or video from this trip, which is really annoying as I know my dad filmed some of it. I have seen that video! However this was before digital cameras, the internet and YouTube so it has pretty much been lost forever. But I do know that 3 year old me was not impressed with having to wait with my dad while my mum went off to do other stuff.

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1998. EuroDisney has been renamed to Disneyland Paris and I have very few memories of this trip. Although I do remember going on Big Thunder Mountain with my dad during the fireworks because why would you want to watch fireworks when you could ride roller coasters and watch fireworks.

Our holiday in 2006 was very last minute. The entire trip was totally dependent on us being able to get Eurostar tickets. I remember being in high school and waiting on the phone call from my mum to say if we were going. It ended up being a good holiday, a relative had died over the summer so it was nice being able to spend time together as a family.

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I love going to Disney and meeting the characters. However they scare me. One time my parents took me to see Postman Pat and I cried. So my mum and I are on Main Street USA just waiting to meet up with my dad and sister. Suddenly a monkey appears and sits down next to me. Now this particular monkey had a massive group of kids following it around and for some unknown reason it decides to sit down next to me. Possibly the one person that is actually scared of him. Thanks monkey. Oh and I’m almost certain my mum asked the monkey if it was okay to take a photo. But I may have just imagined that.

Writing this post has made me realise its been too long since I last went to Disney so if anyone is looking for a Disneyland/ Disney World/ EuroDisney travel buddy I volunteer.

What are your favourite Disney memories?
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Tiny Watercolours

Tiny Watercolours | bluchickenninja.com

Tiny Watercolours | bluchickenninja.com

Tiny Watercolours | bluchickenninja.com

Tiny Watercolours | bluchickenninja.com

Every time I visit the doctor I am asked how much time I have spent painting. Not because my doctor has a specific interest in my artwork but because it is a good way of telling how tired I have been in a specific month. The last two months have been particularly difficult and as a result of this I pretty much lost all desire to do any artwork.

Over the last two weeks I have been working on a series of small watercolour paintings as a way to get those creative juices flowing again. It turns out this has been brilliant as not only am I learning more about watercolours, these things are good to work on while watching Netflix. And I save money on watercolour paper. That shit is expensive.

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Favourite Low Rated Books

This idea came from a redditor on /r/books so I’m going to copy what they said instead of explaining it badly.

As much as we all love our ASOIAF or Infinite Jest or Dune or Harry Potter, I know we all also have less popular favorites that we’d love to promote and discuss.

In order to give some attention to books that don’t often get their time in the limelight, do the following:

  1. Go to your goodreads ‘read’ bookshelf.
  2. Sort the books by ‘Num ratings’ in ascending order.
  3. Go through the shelf and note those that you have given four or five stars.
  4. List out the first five or ten, and let us know why you like them.

Here are some of my favourite low rated books:

  • It’s All About Treo: Life And War With The World’s Bravest Dog by Dave Heyhoe. This is the true story of Treo, the world’s most highly decorated dog, and his handler Sgt. Dave Heyhoe, whilst doing the most dangerous job on earth – sniffing out bombs in Afghanistan. It is a story full of tragedy and triumph, pathos and laughter, as one man and his best friend dare all to ensure that no lives are lost.
  • The Heretics: Adventures with the Enemies of Science by Will Storr. Using a unique mix of highly personal memoir, investigative journalism and the latest research from neuroscience and experimental psychology, Storr reveals how the stories we tell ourselves about the world invisibly shape our beliefs, and how the neurological ‘hero maker’ inside us all can so easily lead to self-deception, toxic partisanship and science denial.
  • The Importance of Being Ernest by Ernest Cline. From the author of Ready Player One comes a celebration of all things nerd-core. This collection of poetry takes readers into a private landscape of science fiction, pop culture, and 80’s nostalgia.
  • The Universe Versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence. This is the story of seventeen-year-old Alex Woods – born to a clairvoyant mother and a phantom father, victim of an improbable childhood accident – who is stopped at Dover customs in possession of 113 grams of marijuana and the ashes of his best friend, Vietnam veteran Isaac Peterson.

I would love to hear what your favourite low rated books are. Leave a comment or make a post on your blog with your favourite unpopular books.

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I Am Not My Illness?

If I were to summarise this blog it would probably go something like “the story of a girl studying graphic design”. But thats not really true. It is true that at one point I did study graphic design, but not for very long. If we want to get scientific about it we could say this blog has been around for 603 days and I was in college for 11% of that time (71 days to be exact). So this blog really isn’t about a girl studying graphic design.

For the past year it has been the story of a girl living with a chronic illness and a single ovary. I wish I could say having an ovary removed gives you superpowers but it unfortunately does not. And to be honest it really doesn’t affect my life. But having a chronic fatigue does.

It might not affect the books I read or the movies I watch but it does affect what I do every day. I am constantly reminded that I have this illness. But I also have to remind myself that I am more than just this illness.

And I think thats why I would describe this blog as the tales of a girl studying graphic design. Because while its not true right now, its a plan for the future. It might not be a very good plan and I know that my illness is going to have some sort of role in it. But its better than spending my days just being that girl with the chronic illness.

Not gonna lie, I have no idea what the point of this post was. But I’ve been having a bad week and this is the result.

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How To Get Free Books

Reading is an expensive hobby. I think all readers understand the problem of not having enough money to buy the books. So here are some ways to get free books.

Goodreads Giveaways

How To Get Free Books | bluchickenninja.com

Goodreads host giveaways where authors and publishers list prerelease books which can be won by Goodreads members. These giveaways are run in hope that members will write reviews of the books they receive. However because you are entering into a competition you have no way of picking which books you want to receive and therefore may get books that you do not like.

One Penny Books

Many less popular books are sold on Amazon extremely cheaply. You can get some for as little as 1p. But you still need to pay £2.80 for postage so technically this one isn’t free.

How To Get Free Books | bluchickenninja.com

Free Books for Kindle

Amazon has a program which monitors the price of books being sold worldwide; it automatically makes sure that Amazon is never undersold. However this leads to situations where books are priced for free through Amazon because they are being given away as part of a promotion else where. These books can easily be found by viewing all books then sorting by price.

How To Get Free Books | bluchickenninja.com How To Get Free Books | bluchickenninja.com How To Get Free Books | bluchickenninja.com

Book Swaps

How To Get Free Books | bluchickenninja.comInstead of selling your books you can participate in an exchange by sending your book to someone that requests it and in return you receive your own request in the mail. Book exchange websites make the process of trading books easy. Most are free to use, and some even pay for the postage needed to exchange books. Some websites to check out are:

  • BookCrossing. Register your book and then set it free by leaving it on a park bench or in a gym allowing it to find a new owner. http://www.bookcrossing.com/
  • BookMooch. Mail your books to someone who wants them for points and then use your points to buy books from other users. http://www.bookmooch.com/
  • PaperBackSwap. Exchange books with other readers for the price of postage. http://www.paperbackswap.com/ *US ONLY*

Project Gutenberg

How To Get Free Books | bluchickenninja.com Project Gutenberg is a volunteer effort to digitise and archive cultural works, to “encourage the creation and distribution of ebooks”. Most of the items in its collection are the full texts of public domain books. The project tries to make these as free as possible, in long-lasting open formats that can be used on almost any computer. As of March 2014, Project Gutenberg claimed over 45,000 items in its collection.

The releases are available in plain text, but where ever possible other formats are included, such as HTML, PDF, ePUB and MOBI.


If you enjoy reading we can assume that you also have friends/ family that enjoy reading. This is possibly the best way of getting free books. Your friend/ relative finished a book. Ask if you can read it, then maybe if you liked it “forget” to give it back. Some may say this is wrong. But I can almost guarantee that if you read books you have at least one or two on your shelves that you have borrowed and forgot to give back.

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