My Favourite Movies of 2012

The Oscars are on today so I decided to do a list of my favourite movies of 2012.

5. Brave
In general I don’t cry during movies. I’ve only cried once during a movie and it was the first 10 minutes of Up. And of course it had to be another Pixar movie that turned me into a blubbering wreck in the middle of the cinema. I didn’t even expect it, I thought Brave was just the story of this young Scottish princess but it ended up being the story of Merida’s relationship with her mother. This reminded me of my relationship with my own mum which, while it isn’t the worst, it isn’t exactly the best either. So I was that adult sitting in a room full of kids crying over a silly movie.

4. Skyfall
I’m really not a huge fan of the Bond movies. But I went to see this though I was a bit hesitant. All I can say is I was so wrong, this movie is brilliant, funny another great Bond movie. It even makes me want to go watch the older Bond movies.

3. The Hobbit
It has been over 10 years since I last read the Hobbit but one of the things I realised when watching this movie was Peter Jackson has stuck really close to the book, even adding the song in Bag End. So while I really don’t understand why it needs to be made into three movies I like that parts of the book are not being cut out.

2. The Avengers
This movie has everything. Joss Whedon, Norse Gods, creepy aliens, explosions, Tom Hiddleston. While it’s not going to win any awards it’s still a brilliant movie. Also explosions.

1. Les Misérables
To my regret Les Miserable is a musical I have not had the chance yet to see at the theatre. Not because I didn’t want to but because there was always something else I wanted to see as well. So I can’t compare this movie to the book or stage show but holy crap this is a good movie. It also happens to be only one of two movies this year that made me cry like a baby in the middle of a cinema.

Special Mention: Cloud Atlas
This could possibly have been not only my favourite movie of 2012 but my favourite movie of all time. But for some reason even though this came out in the US last September it only came out in the UK two days ago. Basically this movie is good, Hollywood sucks.

Overall I think 2012 was a really good year for films and there were many more I could have put on this list. I would love to hear what your top five movies of 2012 are.

11 thoughts on “My Favourite Movies of 2012

  1. Cloud Atlas is one of my favorite books and the film did not disappoint (except that it came out ‘late’ here in the Netherlands). Another favorite film for me this year was Life of Pi.

    1. I loved the book though I still don’t understand why we had to wait 6 months for the movies to come out. I haven’t seen Life of Pi yet though I have been meaning to. And I have the book on my Kindle which I need to read too.

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