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I don’t usually tell anyone about this but I love reality competition shows. Some of my favourites include The Great British Bake-Off and Project Runway. But just yesterday I found a TV show that is possibly the most interesting reality competition currently showing on TV.

Its called Face Off and it takes a group of prosthetic make up artists and asks then to compete against each other to create prosthesis like those found in science fiction and horror films. The artists are then judged by a panel of Academy Award winning makeup artists who have worked on films such as Beetlejuice, Cloverfield, Avatar and I Am Legend. (Don’t worry if you forget all of the movies that the judges have worked on as you will be reminded every 20 minutes.)


I love seeing the design process in work. There is something about seeing an artist go from a concept through to the final product that I find fascinating. Face Off is brilliant because while competition shows are relatively common now its not every week you get to watch a bunch of artists create completely new aliens and creatures.

One of the problems I do have with this show is that it is a competition. I would watch this program if it was a reality TV show. Actually I think I would prefer it if this was a reality show. That way I can just watch some artists make weird aliens and creatures instead of watching all these huge egos clashing every week as they fight to stay in the competition.

Suffice to say I love this TV show. It makes me want to go out buy face paints and create prosthetics. But I don’t know if its worth putting up with bad judging decisions and all the drama for a little bit of inspiration.


12 thoughts on “Face Off

      1. Well, I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch it from where I am. Syfy channel, right? Well, I don’t have cable here in my house…does it show on YouTube? I think Syfy has a channel on YouTube…I’ll go check it out…

        1. I don’t get SyFy in the UK. And I’m not sure about the YouTube channel. But if you do a google search for ‘watch face off online’ it should bring up some links to episodes. Thats how I’ve been watching it.

          1. I checked out a clip of it just now. Man, it’s pretty complicated, alright. Well-made prosthetics can really make a person look like they were from some other dimension or something.

          2. Well, I don’t know, too. I’m more of an animation fan, actually. Animated shows make me feel young, you know.

          3. Hmmm…well, I’ve been exposed to a lot of animated shows ever since I was a kid, from both east and west sides of the world.

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