Puppy Vs Camera

I totally forgot to post this back in January. This is Alfie at 10 weeks old. We had just brought him home and I don’t think he had ever seen an SLR camera before. So obviously his little puppy mind decided that the best way to investigate this strange new object was to try and eat it.

Six months on and Alfie still thinks cameras are for eating.


puppy very close to camera

24 thoughts on “Puppy Vs Camera

  1. Alfie is so cute! I’m sure he keeps you entertained! We used to have dogs, then added cats, now only have 4 cats. They always got along great together, though! 🙂

  2. He`s cute now but looks like he will get much bigger soon. They do like plenty of exercise.My Daughter has one and it`s very lovable.

    1. To be honest he really isn’t that bad with eating stuff, he has his own toys for chewing on. But he loves carrying stuff. Whenever he sees anyone taking trash out or carrying bags he always wants to help.

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