Glasgow2014: Final Day

I am going to admit right now that one thing I regret is only spending one day in Glasgow during the Commonwealth games. There were live music events all over the city, a fun fair in Glasgow Green and all sorts of shops and interesting things to see in Merchant City. But I suppose its a bit too late to complain now.

cycle race in glasgow center

We were in Glasgow to see the closing ceremony but after finding out that the road race would be taking place on the same day we decided to spend the whole day in Glasgow. Even though there was a huge race on the city didn’t feel any more busy than normal.

statue with cone on its head

The Duke of Wellington and his horse were all dressed up for the closing ceremony. Note the back up traffic cone. Just in case.

cycle race in glasgow city center

It may not look it but it was pouring with rain at this point. To be honest I’m surprised more riders didn’t fall off their bikes.

yo sushi dishes

It ended up raining all afternoon so we decided to stop at Yo Sushi where we could eat and watch the cyclists go past without getting soaked.

The Closing Ceremony
I really enjoyed the opening ceremony, it was full of good old Scottish humor. But I felt in comparison the closing ceremony was a bit disappointing. They had some fantastic Scottish musicians on but it still managed to feel like an hour long Kylie Minogue concert. It was supposed to be a “night out in Glasgow” but I don’t know of many nights out which involve Kylie and a bunch of half naked men. At least the chips were accurate.

I think the best part of the night was getting to watch the ceremony at the Kelvingrove Bandstand. The ceremony might have been a bit crap but there is nothing better than finishing off a night singing along to Caledonia and Auld Lang Syne with 300 other proud Glaswegians.

I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning the best part of the games. Which was the Irn-Bru advert on YouTube.

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  1. It’s one of my favourite cities and one place where I can wander the streets and just browse. I never got into the games due to time constraints unfortunately but will be back down there soon. The traffic cone on the statue is a longstanding feature of Glasgow and is actually there all the time, (the one on the duke’s head). The council regularly takes it down and anonymous persons put it back that night. When the council threatened to put the statue on a plinth to subvert the pranksters there was such an outcry that they backed down. It’s an unofficial tourist attraction these days.

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