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I love reading challenges. I read a huge amount as a kid, but then gave up on books for a few years. It was the Goodreads 52 Book Challenge that got me into reading again. I like them because they aren’t a competition, you don’t get a prize at the end. I’m challenging myself to read more and if I fail the challenge its no big deal.

So when I came across Popsugar’s 2015 Reading Challenge I thought it would be a good way to make myself read a more varied selection. But as I looked closer at the list I realised that I had nearly completed it in 2014. Of course I didn’t manage to read every book it asked for. Whats the point in buying a book set at Christmas because then you can only read it at Christmas. Also the “read a book with a non-human character” one totally depends on if you would classify a zombie as non-human. But overall I managed to complete it.

I know this sort of reading challenge might really help someone if they tend to only read one genre. But the way I see it is its a challenge, so I should be challenging myself to do something I don’t normally do. Its not really a challenge if I complete it totally without trying.

So I will not be doing Popsugar’s 2015 Reading Challenge and will instead be picking books to read the way I have always picked books. Which is pick stuff I think sounds interesting.

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  1. Awesome, I have never done a reading challenge because I am always behind but I love to pick up new books in the store. I also ask friends for their latest purchases to get their input. Right now I am reading “Murder as a fine art” by David Morrell. So far so good. I do want to try and make a dent in my “to read” pile. I have a pile on my Nook, on my desk, on my night stand, and still have a wish list. Oh well, you can never have too many books. Right?

  2. Me and my wife are confirmed book-aholics! We had to put a self-imposed ban on buying books a couple of years ago as we were in danger of drowning under a sea of paperbacks! But I am hoping to start tackling the mountain this year!
    My wife has done the 52 book challenge.
    I need to spend less time on Facebook!

    1. I can relate to that. The only reason I’m not under a sea of books is because I try to be really strict and donate the books I’m not going to read again to charity. But I still end up with a huge pile of books I need to read.

  3. That reading challenge is a pretty good idea, though I can see why you might not be keen on doing it. I try to vary my reading anyway, shifting between fiction and non-fiction, old and modern, genre to genre. I guess it’s best not to pigeonhole what you read.

    1. I try to do that too though not intentionally. I just enjoy wandering around a bookshop finding stuff that looks interesting. I never really bother about what section the book is in.

  4. I’ve been inspired by your blog and I have been considering challenging myself as seen as I would like to try and read more books, but then I’m not sure if I could get through them that quickly or would want to read under pressure. Plus I tend to know what book I’m in the mood for next when I’m getting to the end of the one that I’m currently reading. I just like to read what I enjoy I suppose. Maybe I’ll give it a go one day though because on the other hand I do enjoy challenging myself. I might make my own list of what I would like to get through this year. That Popsugar’s list does have some odd ones in it tbh.

    1. I suppose its entirely up to you to decide what you want to read. You don’t need to do a challenge like the 52 books or Popsugar’s one. You could just make up your own challenge.

      And yeah I did find that Popsugar had some odd things on their list. I live pretty much in the middle of nowhere so its almost impossible to find a book set in my home town.

  5. Thanks for the link to the PopSugar Reading Challenge. I am impressed that you found you had done most of them in 2014! I have always thought I was eclectic in my reading, but I found quite a few I haven’t done….so I guess I will use it to inspire me for 2015.

  6. I’m not really keen to take on a reading challenge which requires you to read from a set list of books or tick of boxes, mainly because I’ve spent the last three years reading what I’ve been told to read at uni, and I’m still enjoying my reading freedom! I tend to go with my instincts when choosing what to read next because even the most brilliant book can be a drag if you’re not in the right frame of mind for it. Maybe next year!

  7. I used to be an avid reader! Always with my nose in a book. Even at dinner. The older I got (now 46) the more I felt I SHOULD be reading non-fiction instead of the fiction I loved so much. So I buy books on meditation, yoga, from Deepak to Jung, and they sit on my shelves because all I want to do is read Stephen King.

    1. I love non-fiction. I have a list of 200 books on goodreads that I want to read and like half of them are non-fiction. There is everything on that list from space travel to books about medicine and viruses.

    1. Yup I do that. I set it to 52 books just like last year. I know that some of the groups on goodreads have their own reading challenges. Though I haven’t found any I want to do.

  8. Join my Book of the Month club. You have the choice to read the featured book or not. but it supports indie authors and gives readers something interesting to look at. (and I never feature my own book so there’s no gimmick or trick).

  9. Since I’m a middle school language arts teacher, I mostly read juvenile fiction. This year, I’ve been working on a more grown up reading list and joined a book club to help.

  10. I looooove a good reading challenge, especially ones without, “prizes.” Pinterest has some great ones – follow me there and check either the Etcetera board or the Caffeinated board….some interesting challenges there. Glad to see I’m not the only one!

  11. A reading challenge sounds like a great idea. Although, like you, I don’t think Sugar Pop’s is quite my thing, I would really like to push myself to read some things that I’m not normally drawn to.

    1. Yeah I’ve been trying to read stuff I wouldn’t normally read. I have never really read any classics so over the past year I’ve been reading my way through the list on wellread40.com

  12. Thanks for sharing this! I feel like this would really help get me back into fiction in general – I’ve really become a one genre (that genre being history non-fiction) girl over the last 8 or nine years. I think the only fiction I’ve read since college have been a couple Kathy Reichs murder mysteries, a couple Dr. Who novels, and the Hunger Games Trilogy. Sort of pathetic when compared to what I used to go through in a year… I may just have to revise my original “read more” resolution for the year now…

  13. i’ve never done a reading challenge before I think I’ll do one this year. As a reader I look forward to viewing your many post. Happy reading!

  14. BluechickenNinja, I participated in last years Goodreads challenge, and will also this year. I find the online book challenge provides a greater opportunity to view and see the reviews of many different genres. Because of this I have broaden my knowledge of so many different genres.
    Although, I still have my main genres, I have discovered and explored many other authors I would never have encountered without the online book challenges.

    I wish you success on your 2015 Challenge and discovery of the many different genres available to broaden your horizons as a writer.

  15. I put on for Goodreads Reading Challenge…since I’m downsizing my book library, I put in at an (impossible even for my book-addicted/speed-reading self) 1000 books. *laugh*

  16. I Love reading challenges. I may not finish all of them, but they’re fun! I was just about to make a post on the Popsugar’s challenge when I came across this. XD

  17. What?! You like reading challenges because there’s no prize at the end? I don’t put on my competition bandanna without the guarantee of at least a ribbon (preferably a trophy).

  18. I love this idea! I was just getting back to doing a (regular) 52 book challenge, but I may have to reevaluate it and take this one (or something like this one). Thanks for sharing and good luck!

  19. That’s a great post about reading. It resonates, I’m sure, with everyone who likes to plunge into other worlds, including me!
    Thanks so much for following my blog.

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