64 thoughts on “2 Reasons Why I Love The Great British Bake Off

      1. I’m unsure whether that’s sarcasm! 😉 But it’s with George ‘Amazing Spaces’ (insert forgotten surname here) – on Channel 4 so you can get it on 4OD if you’re interested in being as equally sad as me!

          1. Let’s just say there are some incredibly creative, talented people in the world and then there are some complete barmpots! But I do love a good shed – think I’d happily live in one as a substitute Hobbit hole 🙂

  1. I am so happy GBBO is coming back on. When I told my mum she screamed. After the first episode let me know who your favoraite contestants are! Xx

  2. I’m so excited! Mel and Sue. And I have a thing of Paul. I don’t know why and I’m ashamed of myself. But I do. There I said it.

  3. Yes! I just discovered this last season and it is great…and so are Mel and Sue,. What a perfect partnership. Unfortunately, we have to wait months before it airs in the States. Ack.

  4. Thanks for the heads up. Love Bake Off (even though I’m Coeliac, can’t eat flour, barley and rye and therefore every single item on the programme would make me throw up for at least three hours!)
    It’s the only reality show I watch and it’s more addictive than Mary Berry’s Lemon Drizzle Cake (once you’re started you can’t stop!) The absolute highlight of the summer / autumn TV schedule and Mel and Sue are amazing.
    I want Mel Giedroyc as my best friend – she’s one of the loveliest, funniest women on TV. You’ll be too young to remember their TV show (1990s I think) but they were always great together.
    GBBO is like slipping into a bath of warm custard (in a good way). The titles come up and all’s right with the world 🙂
    Sorry, I’ll shut up now

    1. Yes I love how happy and friendly everyone on the show is. Its so weird watching this then watching reality competitions made in the US. Its almost like they spend more time focusing on the fights between the contestants than the actual competition.

      1. Yes, absolutely. Have they sold the GBBO francise in the States? Surely, they’d have to insert some horrible element of risk, or they’d have to reinvent Mary Berry as a dominatrix character, all threats and whips. And it would be VERY LOUD.
        You know the other day I saw one of those awful ‘look at the amazing transformation from old woman to young woman our product has achieved’ advert online – and they used a picture of Mary Berry as the ‘before’! The nerve – I was appalled! Of course, when you looked at the small print, it said the images were merely representative of what ‘could’ happen – none of them were real customers. What a horrible thing to do to a National Treasure.

        1. I think they air GBBO in the states, though they changed the name. Its the Great British Baking Show over there.

          Thats kind of hilarious, I wonder if they asked Mary Berry if they could use her photo or if they just found it on Google.

          1. Surely they must have just lifted it from Google – no one would put themselves forward for that and I’m sure Mary doesn’t need the money that badly 🙂

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