One of my recent projects at college involved redesigning movie posters. Since Wall.E is one of the best Pixar movies ever made I decided to redesign that in an art deco style (so it ended up not really looking “art deco” but I don’t care, I had fun doing it). I will have a full write up of that project at some point but for just now I wanted to share the watercolour version I did (because I was bored).

Can I also just talk about how much respect I have for the people who made Wall.E. I spent three days working on that poster and though he is literally just a box it’s amazing how many different emotions he can show just by changing the position of his eyes and hands.

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15 thoughts on “Wall.E?

      1. I’ve had limited experience with water color, acrylics, oils and pastels, but I’d say watercolor is trickiest of all to approximate what one is trying to reflect or project.

  1. Looooove this, and I just loved Wall-E. Agree that it’s amazing how expressive he is for a little machine! Pixar’s animation capabilities are magical.

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