The Kelvingrove Art Gallery

I think the thing I enjoy most about this course is that if you’re having a problem with a project you’re not forced to sit in class waiting around for inspiration to strike. You’re encouraged to go outside and do something. And if its the entire class that’s having a problem with a project then we all get to go on a day trip. The other nice thing about this course is that we’re in Glasgow and have so many art galleries and museums to visit.

This trip to the Kelvingrove didn’t actually help me with the project but it was nice to get outside for a while. Though I would still say that the Kelvingrove is a pretty boring museum (the Transport Museum is way better imo).


They have an organ recital every day at 1pm which is something you should definitely check out if you’re in the area.


Those faces have been in the Kelvingrove for years and they still freak me out.




This is just another chance for me to talk about how much I love the camera on my new phone.

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14 thoughts on “The Kelvingrove Art Gallery

  1. I visited the Kelvingrove this summer. I actually really liked it, but I didn’t visit the Transport museum so I don’t have that to compare it to. I loved the fact that it was free, as were many of the museums I visited in Scotland. I donated a little. Most museums here in the U.S. have a fee, and some are rather expensive, so I tend not to go at all. I agree, the faces were a bit freaky. Thanks for sharing!

    1. If you’re ever back in Glasgow you should definitely check out the Transport Museum. They have a full size street made to look like old Glasgow and you can walk into all the old shops and stuff, it’s really cool. Yeah thats one of the good things about museums in the UK is that most of them are free. Though especially in London they can be a bit pushy about getting you to donate.

  2. I love your photos! What a truly beautiful and inspiring building – amazing! Would love to spend time there, just hanging out. reminds me of Bristol City Museum – only in that I love the building and could spend hours there. Love it so much it plays an integral part in my YA novel.

    1. Thanks, it’s actually a really good place to hang out. A friend and I ended up wandering around for an hour just so we could talk. I didn’t realise Bristol had a museum, I always end up at the zoo if I’m there.

      1. It’s got a few – the main Bristol City Museum has two halls open to a glass roof – like the Kelvingrove but much smaller. I do like those masks – very creepy 🙂

          1. Hope you enjoy it! Love the harbourside and there’s The Georgian House and The Red Lodge museums if you’re into architecture – and some really old pubs like The Hatchett and The Llandoger Trow. For research purposes only, of course!

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