Kingsman: A Review

Last weekend I watched a movie that I have put off for so long that I now can’t remember what made me not want to watch it in the first place. For some reason my brain decided I wasn’t going to like it, of course now that I have finally gotten around to watching it I am now kicking myself in the head and going WHY BRAIN WHY?!?!?! because I don’t understand what I didn’t like about it. I’m not even joking this may be one of my new favourite movies.

Kingsman: A Review

Okay so the plot of Kingsman is basically there was this tailor shop ran by a bunch of people who had way too much money to spend so the decided to start a spy organisation (as you do). And the spy’s are all like proper gentlemen who wear fancy suits and stuff. And this one guy Galahad (because all the spy’s are named after the knights of the round table) decides to recruit this lower class kid. It’s way more complicated than that but it’s a spy movie, that’s all you need to know.

But it also makes fun of the whole spy movie genre. You have quite a number of characters talking about James Bond. There is one classic scene where Colin Firth’s character has dinner with the “baddie” and they compare what’s happening to a spy movie. There is even a scene at the end where Eggsy proclaims that “this isn’t that kind of movie” and I’m still trying to figure out if that was a break of the fourth wall or not. The whole movie does a very good job at being just silly enough that it’s still believable (apart from that one scene at the end, if you’ve watched the movie you know what I’m talking about).

Kingsman: A Review

I think if anything it was the amount of violence in this movie that may have put me off (there is quite a number of swear words too but I think it was mostly the violence). But even after watching it, though the fight scenes are very graphic, they are so fun to watch. There is one scene in a church, and the entire thing was filmed in one shot (or at least it was made to look like it’s all in one shot).

And then the casting, it’s a British film so you have a bunch of famous British actors, some of them I don’t even know the names of, but I recognise their voices from somewhere. You have Mark Strong as the Q of this universe and I swear that guy looks exactly like Stanley Tucci, to the point I was wondering how Stanley Tucci managed such a good Scottish accent. You have Samuel L Jackson as the bad guy, and I love his character so much because he’s basically playing an evil Mark Zuckerberg, but it’s so believable because his character genuinely thinks he is doing the right thing.

Kingsman: A Review

And then you have Mark Hamill who has a very small role in this movie as a college lecturer, and I’m not even joking, I have watched this movie like 8 times and I only realised it was Mark Hamill after checking IMDB. He plays a bumbling college lecturer so well, he even has this perfect British accent, I’m still kind of amazed that it’s actually Mark Hamill because he looks nothing like what you expect him to.

Kingsman: A Review

And then we come to Colin Firth who in my opinion makes this whole movie and it’s so annoying because (and I need to add a spoiler warning here)…


…his character dies. He was the perfect James Bond type character and he has to die. And it’s even more annoying because I knew his character was going to die (I seriously wish I had never heard of the hero’s journey story arc, watching a movie has now turned into a game of guess who’s gonna die). And to be fair he might not even be dead. The director has already said that if the first movie did well they would try to bring his character back. But I swear to god, if Colin Firth isn’t in the second movie I’m gonna be so pissed it’s not even funny.


But yeah, you need to watch this movie, then watch it another five times. Then marvel at how Mark Hamill does such a good job as a college lecturer you almost can’t tell it’s Mark Hamill. Then read the comic it was based on. Or if you’re like me read every Kingsman fanfic ever written (and that’s saying something because there’s quite a lot of them).

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21 thoughts on “Kingsman: A Review

  1. I recently read the comic the movie’s loosely based on. The reason they cast Mark Hamill as the lecturer is that in the comic, the villian was abducting scientists, sci-fi actors, and movie people (basically geek icons). The opening scene in the comic is an agent attempting to rescue . . . Mark Hamill.

  2. That scene right at the end… yeah. Killed the whole film for me, I’m sorry to say, although the strange Tarantino-esque Busby Berkeley thing shortly ahead of it had put the noose around its neck. It’s sad, because everything else was SO well done; Samuel L. Jackson was brilliant, Colin Firth likewise, Mark Hamill all but unrecognizable (brilliant!), the fight choreography, the vast majority of the writing, all of it so very good… and then that bit at the end, like a dollop of dog-mess atop a plate of gourmet food. Alas. I’m glad you were able to overlook the flaw and focus on the good parts.

  3. I’ve watched the movie a couple of times (That’s code of so many times that I stopped counting) and I loved it. Its a great movie 🙂

  4. This movie was so good! I went to see it in the cinema because there was nothing else I expected nothing and was blown away!

    So funny, so good, loved it! Great review!

  5. Strangely enough, I was thinking of watching this at the weekend, as I haven’t seen it yet and there’s a sequel on the way. Never got round to it, but I certainly shall now.

  6. “I seriously wish I had never heard of the hero’s journey story arc, watching a movie has now turned into a game of guess who’s gonna die.” I so understand this feeling.

  7. Yeah, this was a cool film, does not disappoint (satirically).
    I saw your review of ‘The Arrival’ as well, but didn’t read it: me watch film and return to read what your thoughts on it, but you sent sent good vibes. Cheers.

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