Exploring Media

This was one of my first projects at college and the aim was to get used to using various types of media while learning a little about colour theory. We did this by copying photos of urban glasgow using a specific media and in a specific colour combination.

This piece was done in a monochromatic colour scheme using soft pastel. For this we had to choose one specific colour (in my case blue) and then add black or white to create the different values. I think we had to do a little colour psychology in with this project too which is why I chose this specific colour.

I think this was my favourite piece out of the three. This was done using cut paper in a primary colour scheme. I’m actually kind of amazed I didn’t cut myself while doing this.

This piece was done as a lino print. So what you had to do was cut the design out of a piece of lino and then print it onto a piece of paper. We had to use a contrasting colour scheme for this which didn’t work out very well because both colours were very dark but I did another version of this using black ink which turned out really well.

If you like this sort of thing you should know I have posts about all of my college projects from the 2015/16 year coming in the next month. If you aren’t following me you probably should. Or something like that.

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