Contextual Studies: Snowpiercer

The third movie poster I redesigned for this project was Snowpiercer, this is about a train travelling through a post-apocalyptic Earth. I thought this poster would fit the art deco style since art deco was the result of more freely available travel and as such was used in many vintage travel posters.

In fact art deco travel posters are now in style again. My favourite ones being released by NASA advertising travel to various planets in the solar system. You can head over to the NASA website and download these posters. On my last day of class I actually used up my print credits by getting a bunch of these printed off.

I wasn’t happy with how this poster turned out. Out of the three it’s definitely the weakest piece. I would love to have some elaborate reason as to why this poster didn’t turn out that great but the truth is I discovered Star Wars fanfiction while working on this project and I really wanted to read fics rather than work on college stuff. I probably shouldn’t have admitted that on here…

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