6 Pens I’m Loving Just Now

I admit I am a bit of a pen snob, I really do like a nice pen and I thought today I would share 6 pens (technically 5 pens and a pencil) that I’ve been loving just now.

6 Pens I'm Loving Just Now

I’m just a little lazy when it comes to pencils, I really can’t be bothered sharpening them and I use them enough that I have to sharpen them regularly. For a while I had been using a Rotring Mechanical Pencil but it broke a few months ago and it was quite expensive for what it is so I bought some of these Pentel mechanical pencils from a local stationery shop instead. I think it was only £2 and I actually prefer it to the Rotring. The barrel is much broader which makes it nicer to hold and yeah I like it.

I think the Tombow Dual Brush Marker is my new favourite marker pen. On one end it has a thin marker nib which is nice for drawing and on the other end it had a brush nib which I’ve been really liking for brush lettering. The only problem with this pen is that it reacts to water (you can actually create some really nice watercolour effects with it) but I’ve ruined a couple of drawings by accidentally getting them wet.

I originally bought the Uni-Ball signo to write my name on my sketchbooks at college since they had black covers but I’ve been really enjoying doodling over watercolour paintings and on craft paper with it.

So during my last college project a few friends and I sort of became obsessed with sharpies and in particular the metallic sharpies. These are very opaque, they are actually better than the Pilot metallic paint pens. I had quite a lot of fun annotating over photos with these in my sketchbook.

I got this Sharpie Fineliner in a pack of two from Cass Art for £3. The good thing about this pen is it doesn’t bleed through the paper like other sharpies. In fact it’s very similar to the Staedtler Fineliners.  I’ve use this quite a lot in my bullet journal and so far the nib hasn’t degraded which is a problem with the Staedtlers.

Just before Christmas I decided to try a fountain pen and so bought a Lamy Safari. This is a reasonably cheap fountain pen which makes it good for someone just getting into fountain pens and I actually really like it. The annoying thing about this pen is having to find the right paper for it. It writes fine in my Leuchtturm and in my old Moleskine but I can’t use it in my bullet journal because the ink feathers really badly (I don’t think you can see it in the photo but it does feather). This is more of a problem with Moleskine changing to a lower quality paper but it’s still pretty annoying because I do really want to use this pen.

6 Pens I'm Loving Just Now

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10 thoughts on “6 Pens I’m Loving Just Now

  1. Do you also have trouble with using the Uni-ball signo after dropping it? I’ve decommissioned so many white pens that way.

    1. I’ve never had problems with it but I’ve never dropped it either.

      I have noticed if I’m drawing over paint the ink will sometimes pick up some of the colour which is a bit annoying.

  2. You do have some discerning tastes – good for you. My Mont Blanc ballpoint has needed a refill for weeks now, but the office supply stores have been out of the one I want. 🙁

  3. the ultra fine sharpie in black is my pen/ marker of choice. It just fits my hand style. Even a cheap bic jell pen but they gob up

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