A Very Potter Holiday

A few weeks ago I went down to London with my sister to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and I thought I would do a little journal type thing and tell you what we got up to.

Day 1: We started out by heading down to Cheltenham where we were staying for a night. It worked out to be easier (and cheaper!) this way. But since we changed trains in Birmingham we took a few hours to go shopping. One place I had been wanting to go for a while was Muji because I’ve seen so so many people talk about it over on Tumblr and I’m a sucker for nice stationery. After trying some of their pens I can now say I’m a total Muji fan and I need one in Scotland.

Day 2: We headed into London and only got a little lost at Tottenham Court Road! Most of the day was spent in the theatre seeing the plays. I would say the only problem I have with the plays is it’s quite a long time to spend in a cramped theatre. Especially since we had the cheap seats in the gods, though we were pretty close to the front of the balcony, I don’t think you would get a very good view at all sitting all the way in the back.

We were quite lucky to see the play just a few days after the official opening but it did mean having to spend a week avoiding literally the whole internet because the book had been released and I didn’t want to see any spoilers. Just an fyi: if you are going to see the play definitely wait and see it before reading the book. Apparently the stage directions in the book are a bit weird and it doesn’t have the finalised script which they were still changing during previews.

During the break between plays we headed over to The House of MinaLima which is right behind the palace theatre. This is an exhibition of the graphic design work from Harry Potter and I’m a little in love with it. I actually have a full post about this place going up soon because I took so many photos.

The only problem though is it’s quite expensive, it’s free to get into but they have a little shop where you can buy prints and stuff. Not even joking I paid £20 for a replica exercise book. It’s a really nice notebook and the cashier said buying it made me a proper Hogwarts student but still, £20 is a lot for a notebook.

Day 3: This was the day I managed to convince my sister that the Waterstones in Piccadilly is the best place in London. She likes books but still gets a little grumpy if we go into bookshops too much. But I took her to the little cafe in the basement of Waterstones and she agreed it was pretty cool, the giant slices of cake probably helped too. The rest of the day was spent in Covent Garden (omg there is a Moomins shop in Covent Garden!!!) and walking around Hyde Park so my sister could catch Pokemon.

And of course as we headed home it started raining because nothing says welcome to Scotland like torrential rain.

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(I have a review of Cursed Child going up over the next 3 days so watch out for that.)

15 thoughts on “A Very Potter Holiday

  1. Sounds like a great trip! Though London is always so exhausting, isn’t it? Sounds like you went to some great places. Have you been to the Potter experience yet? Keep trying to persuade my hubs and son to go – it looks amazing 🙂 Will you review the play separately? Interested to hear what you think – reception has been mixed.

    1. The only problem about London is there isn’t really anywhere to take a break because it’s so busy. But it wasn’t as busy as last time I was there which was nice.

      You should definitely go to the Studio Tour. I went a few years ago and it was brilliant. I had wanted to go back again this year because they’ve added a Platform 9 and 3/4s bit but the tickets were really expensive.

      I have a review going up over the next 3 days. I split it into parts because of spoilers and all that. But it was really good, the actual play was fantastic but there are bits of the story I wasn’t so okay with.

      1. Look forward to reading your review – it’s really split fans, hasn’t it?
        Definitely will do the Studio tour one day – even if I have to go alone! 🙂

        1. I don’t know if you’ve read it yet but there is a very good reason why everyone is having mixed opinions over it. Actually there is a couple of reasons.

          And yes you should go!

          1. Mmm, intriguing. No I haven’t read it. Reading playscripts feels odd to me because you don’t have the description of a novel to set the tone / draw you in or the visuals of watching the play. It feels like a colder experience. Might have to sneak around the net to find some spoilers! 🙂

          2. Perhaps it’s because she wrote it knowing it was to be published as a book – it would be tempting to liven the whole thing up with jokey asides as scripts are often dull to read on their own. What do you think of these up coming short books? Exciting or a commercial exercise to make money out of fans?

          3. Yeah I don’t know. It’s weird because they play definitely has moments for the fans, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if the book had the same. As for those books, I went and preordered them when I heard about it… Though I think it’s just stuff taken from Pottermore (which I’m okay with tbh because I couldn’t be bothered going all the way through the Pottermore experience). There is also 4 special editions of Philosopher’s Stone coming out next year for the 20th anniversary, one for each house. And they have new editions of Beedle The Bard, Quidditch Through The Ages and Fantastic Beasts being released. It’s one of those things where I think they may just be doing it for the money but I would also quite happily pay the money because I like Harry Potter.

          4. It’s a fine line, isn’t it? The whole phenomenon has been so vast, made such a lot of money for so many people, you almost can’t blame them for wanting to extend its life for a while longer. i’m guessing the Cursed Child will be made into a film too? Wouldn’t be at all surprised 🙂

          5. I don’t know if they will make it into a movie. It was written to be a play so I don’t think you would get the same experience if the story was told in a different format.

  2. This is all harry-potterish!! I totally am obsessed with this amazing post!! I’m so unfortunate, to not be able to watch the cursed child play…but at least I get to see stuffs in pictures and read your posts!!

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