Hogwarts In Minecraft

So I was talking to a friend recently about Minecraft because she read a book set in Minecraft and that reminded me of that time I tried to build Hogwarts in Minecraft (if you haven’t heard of it before Minecraft is a survival/creative game where you can build and make lots of different things).

This was a project that I spent maybe 2 years working on and I really enjoyed it because it was so difficult. Part of the problem was that the actual Hogwarts layout changes quite a bit as the Harry Potter series went on (I based my castle on the movie version of Hogwarts because thats the iconic castle).

The whole design of the castle is really interesting, most of what you may consider iconic parts were actually added in Prisoner of Azkaban. In particular the clock tower and massive wooden bridge (that got blown up quite spectacularly in Deathly Hallows).

I don’t think this is a project I’m ever going to finish but I had so much fun with it because I got to add in all the tiny details. I got to build Firenze’s classroom and make it look it it was outside. The kitchens are under the great hall and the tables in the kitchens are directly under the tables in the great hall. I built Fred and George’s swamp in one corridor and hidden away there is a memorial to Dobby.

I even built the Chamber of Secrets (yes you do enter through the girls bathroom) and there is actually a hidden tunnel in the giant statue’s mouth (which takes you to a library because it’s almost fanon that Salazar Slytherin has a hidden library in the Chamber of Secrets). And of course there are many many hidden passages because that’s just the sort of thing you want in a magical castle and Minecraft makes it easy to do.

And then there was that one time my best friend decided to blow it up because of course he did.

If you were waiting for a moment to call me a nerd that time is now.

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24 thoughts on “Hogwarts In Minecraft

    1. I found a set of really good blueprints on deviantart. There is a map in the Page to Screen book as well. I had a folder full of reference photos that I’ve lost because its been so long since I worked on it. Playing the games were really useful too for working out where classrooms were in the castle.

  1. Oh my, I love this! <3
    You sure spent a lot of time on this, it really turned out spectacular!!
    I'm just personally impressed that you would include Firenzes room, because I it was also my favourite thing in the book and I loved how much detail J.K. put into it, only to never even being mentioned in the movies… I would have loved to see a picture though 😀
    Love, Ari

  2. Holy Smokes! Old Joe Smokes, by that matter… That is amazing! Will you ever make it into a map? I love minecraft! I love it enough to do NaNoWriMo and write a script about it 😛

    1. It was on a server for a while so people could look around but it was only half finished. I could probably see about putting the file online somewhere for people to download but it’s on a map with a bunch of other stuff I built.

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