A Cat Called Oscar

Today’s post is all about Oscar. We got him about 9 years ago, at the time we hadn’t been planning on getting another cat. Our previous cat had died just a few months before. But around that same time my best friends family decided they were going to immigrate to Australia and needed to re-home their cat. When asked if we would take him we sort of had to say yes. I ended up loosing a friend but gained a cat instead and in a way it has helped me stay in touch with that friend.

Because we got Oscar from a different home he already had a name and that just so happened to be the same name as our previous cat. It never occurred to us that having two cats with the same name was weird (though it definitely confused the vet). It’s now at the point where I joke that my next cat should be named Oscar as well.

We did find it quite funny how different both cat’s personalities were, the first Oscar was a ginger tabby and he was mean. In fact he was down right evil. He was the type of cat who would bite you if you didn’t put out the food he wanted. Meanwhile this Oscar is a little timid but a very friendly cat. He’ll even let you rub his tummy. 

The thing I find most interesting is out of Oscar and our two dogs he is most definitely the boss. He is in no way afraid to tell the dogs they are being annoying. And of course when the dogs do get a swipe across the nose I have to tell them it was entirely their own fault. In fact I once caught our older dog barking at Oscar because he wouldn’t allow the dog to get any closer (I should point out Oscar was sitting on a table during this time which made the whole spectacle even funnier).

Oscar has this thing about weather, and by that I mean he doesn’t like it. He is perfectly happy to go outside during the summer (usually to find somewhere warm to sleep). But if it’s cold or wet or windy or god forbid snowing he will complain loudly about it because he wants to go outside but won’t because of the weather. I don’t know what he expects me to do about it, I can’t exactly change the weather for him.

You know how they say that cats sleep 18 hours a day. Well Oscar could possibly win the gold medal for sleeping. I have literally seen him sleep 8 straight ours, go outside for a quick toilet break then spend the rest of the night sleeping. In fact the only thing he is better at is eating. Every time he comes in he demands fed, anytime someone goes anywhere near his bowl he demands fed. Quite often I will find him sitting just outside my door, this way he knows when I get up because if I go through to the kitchen I may just feed him and thats all that matters.

You may also like to know that Oscar sat in my lap while I wrote 90% of this post.

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  1. All that and he still needs National Cat day? 🙂

    Our girls will be happy to be treated extra special on their day…if they wake up.

    Oscar is s cutie, for sure. Nice post.

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