My 2017 Goals

It’s that time again where we all make goals for the year that we start out really enthusiastic about but never end up achieving. Or is that just me? Anyway here are the things I want to do in 2017:

Camera. I want to take it with me more and document the things I’m doing. Not specifically for putting on my blog, I just want more photos of my family.

Anxiety. I have it and I want to do something about it. Not sure exactly what yet. I’ve only just started seeing my doctor. Maybe I’ll look into doing a Mindfulness course.

Books. Read 52 of them. I didn’t manage it in 2016 and I’m really not all bothered by that. So long as I read I’m happy.

College. Get an A.

Blog. Post consistently about various subjects. I realise that’s very vague but so long as I manage to post twice a week I’m happy.

Instagram. Interact with my followers more and reply to comments (cause I’m terrible at that).

Car. Learn how to drive one (which is a bit tricky cause I haven’t started yet because of the anxiety thing).

Art. Do the thing. Also maybe put some of it up for sale. Maybe I should make ‘set up Etsy shop’ as one of my goals.

Thanks for reading.
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41 thoughts on “My 2017 Goals

  1. I’ve got to get on the camera thing too… I got so bad about that this year. I find myself relying far too much on my phone, and then the photos never end up getting off of it! Also, love the new look for the blog, and good luck with your anxiety battle, and if you ever need to commiserate, I’m right there with you.

    1. Ahh yeah I found that with my phone. Ended backing up all my photos a few months ago and printed off like 200 of them. Going to try making a 2016 scrapbook! And thanks, about the anxiety thing. It really is a bit crap isn’t it.

  2. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for liking my first post, it really means a lot to me and it also means I discovered you blog! Hope your year is a good one and that your resolutions work out! xx

  3. Anything to do with books has my vote! Anxiety sucks! It cripples me on a day to day basis,good luck with your goals you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

  4. Some really awesome goals here! Many are similar for me too, blogging, reading, camera-ing. Also admirable that you’ve put down something so personal too; anxiety is a real nuisance! Hopefully 2017 brings a productive year for us all!

    1. I don’t know. Mental health is one of these things I think everyone needs to talk about more. Along with invisible illnesses/ disabilites. It’s very common to assume a person is doing okay just because they look okay.

      1. Couldn’t agree more, that’s why I thought it was great you were open and honest on your blog 🙂 Invisible illnesses have an effect on many of the most important people in my life, the more visibility the better! Thankfully the world is opening up to Mental Health being just as important as physical health! 🙂 Thanks again for sharing

  5. I didn’t make a concrete list of Resolutions this year, but I like your list. I found a picture of a list on Facebook today to read one book every two weeks. Each book had it’s own quirks. “Read a book where the protagonist shares your name,” that kind of thing. Anyhow, keep on going and inspiring others!

  6. “So long as I read I’m happy.” I love that. Quantity is nice, but quality and the fact that you get to read a high volume of books is what’s important. The one superpower I wish I had would be the ability to read at a highly accelerated pace, say, like The Flash. Actually, I’m not too greedy. Maybe 1000 words per minute 😉

  7. Oh buddy, same on the anxiety. That’s a goal for every year for me. It’s something I constantly need to work on. I usually get through it by overfilling my schedule, but that’s not really a longterm solution.

    In terms of driving, are you anxious about driving in general or the test?

    1. I think it’s more driving in general. But I’m not keep on meeting new people so actually finding a driving instructor I’m comfortable with is a problem too. And yeah I know what you mean, I feel like I have to constantly be doing something so I don’t have the time to think.

  8. Nice that you started seeing a doctor 🙂 I’ve been meaning to go to one lady in my town, and I’m always concerned that they might be judge. Just me, idk.

    Anyway, good luck with your goals, and hope 2017 goes well for you 😀

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