A Life In Letterpress

Back at the end of 2016 I went to the Lighthouse in Glasgow to see an exhibit of Alan Kitching’s work. Alan Kitching is a typographic designer, he creates artwork by using a type of relief printing called letterpress. This is where you have a block of type (or in this particular case specific letterforms) and print them onto paper using ink. It’s actually really interesting to see his work up close because there are imperfections in it.

Printing as a whole is not an exact science and doesn’t always work the way you expect. I really like his work but I think part of that comes from it being a piece of art that was physically made rather than done on the computer. There is something about actually making a thing which makes it feel more real.

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6 thoughts on “A Life In Letterpress

  1. Popped into the Lighthouse on Tuesday and saw this! Incredible stuff, really had me feeling pretty inspired about art again.

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