The Sketchbook Project 2018

sketchbook project featured image

Sketchbooks are great. I spend a lot of time working in sketchbooks. So when I came across the Sketchbook Project from the Brooklyn Art Library I knew this was something I had to try. The aim of the Sketchbook Project is to create a library of sketchbooks. Visitors can go in to the Brooklyn Art […]

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Urban Sketching in London

urban sketching tate modern piet mondrian

While I was in London in June I thought I would try my hand at urban sketching. This is a relatively new art style (at least it is to me), where you draw while on location. A big part of urban sketching is that the drawing doesn’t have to look true to life, it’s almost […]

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I Am Not An Artist?

I have come to the realization that I’m not an artist (before people get angry I should clarify that by artist I mean fine artist). I like design and maybe a little bit of illustration (yes there is a different (apparently)), but fine art isn’t for me. It takes too long and I’m constantly frustrated […]

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Kirsty Doesn’t Share Food

My sister is a little protective of her food. You know that bit in Fellowship of the Ring where Bilbo goes all Gollum-y when Frodo asks to see the ring. That’s similar to what my sister does when you get too close to her food. For years I have been threatening to make a t-shirt […]

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Designing Skateboard Graphics

Continuing on from the media exploration project we got to learn a little more about using media and practise some computer skills by designing a series of skateboards. This was a little more difficult as we had to create 5 designs which were part of a series so they all had to match in a […]

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Exploring Media

This was one of my first projects at college and the aim was to get used to using various types of media while learning a little about colour theory. We did this by copying photos of urban glasgow using a specific media and in a specific colour combination. This piece was done in a monochromatic […]

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