Eyebuy Direct | Glasses For Digital Screens

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I’ve been wearing glasses for most of my life, but I always buy them in person. Recently I looked into getting a pair of glasses for using with computer screens and I decided to order a pair from Eyebuy Direct. GLASSES FOR DIGITAL SCREENS Looking at digital screens all day is bad for your eyes. […]

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A Designer’s Guide To Pinterest

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Today I thought I would share how I use Pinterest. From reading a few tutorials it appears I don’t use Pinterest the same way as most, or even really the way Pinterest has designed it to be used. I don’t use any of the social networking aspects so you can follow me but I probably […]

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4 Advantages of Going To Art School

I’ve come across a number of people on the internet say that art school isn’t worth the price, that what you learn can be done on your own. Since I’m in my third year of doing an art course, specifically graphic design, I thought I would share some of the advantages of going to art […]

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4 Times The Adaptation Was Better Than The Book

On the internet you find a lot of people who claim that the book is better than the movie/ tv show/ whatever. In some cases they say that the book will always be better no matter how good the adaptation is. In my experience this isn’t always true. So today I’m going to share 5 […]

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You Need To Vote #GeneralElection

Your vote is extremely important, even more so this time round since we’re all going back to the polling stations just a year after the last general election. If you didn’t already know, on the 18th of April Theresa May announced she would be holding another election. In my opinion this isn’t a good idea […]

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My Instagram Tips: White Balance

Today I thought I would share one really simple trick which has made my Instagram photos look better. That is adjusting the white balance. For those of you who don’t know, white balance is the process of removing unrealistic colour casts so that objects that appear white in real life also appear white in photographs. […]

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