How I Stay Organised To Manage My CFS

I’ve mentioned this a few times before but I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It has taken a while but my CFS has improved enough that I almost have enough energy to live a relatively normal life. I don’t work but I am currently studying graphic design, I also run this blog which takes up a […]

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Doing College With CFS

too tired

So I did an update post a few weeks ago where I said that I was doing fine and wasn’t having any problems with my CFS… yeah I spoke too soon. Admittedly it did start out okay but the last three weeks have been awful. Its not been good at all, which is really annoying […]

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I Am Not My Illness?

If I were to summarise this blog it would probably go something like “the story of a girl studying graphic design”. But thats not really true. It is true that at one point I did study graphic design, but not for very long. If we want to get scientific about it we could say this […]

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My Ovarian Cyst Story

my ovarian cyst story

This post has been sitting in my drafts for two weeks now. I’m still not sure if I should really be posting it. Normally I wouldn’t write about my medical history on the internet. But I think I’m going to post it anyway. Partly because I want to keep a record of what happened but […]

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