Moglea Stationery Haul and Review

moglea stationery featured

Today I thought I would write about my new obsession. That being a brand called Moglea who sells some lovely stationery products. I probably don’t need any more nice stationery things but apparently I also have no self control so here is a little Moglea haul and review. I originally came across Moglea in the […]

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Inside My Graphic Design Sketchbooks

inside my graphic design sketchbook featured

I love the creative process. I love seeing the stages an artist goes through when creating a piece of work. All artists go through this to some extent. I love this process so much I thought I would share some of my graphic design sketchbooks where you can see some of my own creative process […]

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Zoella’s Calendar Really Did Take A Year To Make

zoella featured

Today I’m going to give my point of view of the whole Zoella £50 advent calendar debacle. If you’re out of the loop on this essentially Zoella teamed up with Boots to create an advent calendar which was priced at £50 and it made quite a lot of people understandable angry. First because of the […]

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A Designer’s Guide To Pinterest

designer's guide pinterest featured

Today I thought I would share how I use Pinterest. From reading a few tutorials it appears I don’t use Pinterest the same way as most, or even really the way Pinterest has designed it to be used. I don’t use any of the social networking aspects so you can follow me but I probably […]

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Supermundane Workshop at GDFS

GDFS featured image

I was recently lucky enough to attend Graphic Design Festival Scotland, GDFS being a week long graphic design festival held at The Lighthouse. There are competitions, talks, workshops and a 2-day project. Last year I went along to see the international poster exhibition and wasn’t very impressed by it. This year I got to see […]

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The Sketchbook Project 2018

sketchbook project featured image

Sketchbooks are great. I spend a lot of time working in sketchbooks. So when I came across the Sketchbook Project from the Brooklyn Art Library I knew this was something I had to try. The aim of the Sketchbook Project is to create a library of sketchbooks. Visitors can go in to the Brooklyn Art […]

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