Inside My Graphic Design Sketchbooks

inside my graphic design sketchbook featured

I love the creative process. I love seeing the stages an artist goes through when creating a piece of work. All artists go through this to some extent. I love this process so much I thought I would share some of my graphic design sketchbooks where you can see some of my own creative process […]

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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Attend Art School

A few weeks ago I wrote about all of the advantages of attending art school. In that post I mentioned there were a few bad things about studying an art course so today I will be sharing all the reasons why you shouldn’t go to art school. The one big argument out there about art […]

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MUJI 2017-18 Planner Review

muji planner featured

I feel like I’m constantly jumping from one planner to another. The type of planner I use depends on my needs, and just now I need a planner which helps stay organised with school. I tried out the Study Planner from Paperchase which didn’t turn out too well. But a little while ago I ordered […]

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Whats In My Pencil Case

Today I thought I would share what I keep in my pencil case. I recently cleared out a lot of stationery items so these could be what I consider my must have things for class. My pencil case is from the Let’s Squawk range at Paperchase, it is actually sold as a makeup bag but […]

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Can I Really Do This?

I am finding myself becoming increasingly frustrated with my CFS. I have so many different things I want to be working on just now (some of which I’m actually getting paid for) and I can’t because I’m so tired. This is mostly because I’m back at college and college work is more important than my […]

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A Back To School Art Haul

It’s September again which means having to buy art supplies for another year at college. However this year I decided to wait a few weeks so I had a better understanding of what I would be needing for the upcoming year (most of which I already had), this also meant I could take advantage of […]

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