How To Get Rid of Books

How To Get Rid of Books |

You may have noticed I own quite a lot of books. Around this time every year I go through all the books I own and clear out the ones I don’t want. I do this mostly because I have limited space for books and there is no point keeping something just for it to sit on a shelf. So today I am going to share my process for purging books.

The first thing I do is just look at my shelves. It may seem pointless to mention it but this is what I do. I go through each shelf and pick out the books I’ve read and didn’t like. This is the easy bit. I then go back through my shelves and pick out any books that I’ve read and don’t have a close connection to. This is a bit more complicated. These are usually books that didn’t make me feel something.

Maybe it will be easier to explain my criteria for keeping a book. I keep books that:

  • I loved and may want to read again at some point in the future.
  • I have some sort of memory associated with them (this doesn’t need to be a book I’ve read).
  • They physically contain something I find interesting (I like collecting books that have been written in).

I go through this clearing out process a number of times. Usually not on the same day. This is because on the first pass I may have decided to save a book, but after going away and thinking for a while I realise I don’t actually have any reason to keep it.

Now the most difficult bit. Actually getting rid of the books. I do a mixture of donating them to charity and selling them. I don’t use websites like Amazon or Ebay. You could quite easily put your books up there to sell, but in my opinion that is far too much hassle. In the past I have used, this makes it really easy to sell books in bulk. You scan each barcode and the app will tell you if they will buy it and for how much. Then once you’ve scanned all your books you just box them up and arrange for a courier to collect them.

Websites like this won’t accept all the books you have for sale. Usually because they have too many copies of the book you are trying to sell or because it’s not worth anything. These books I donate to a local charity shop. People have all sorts of reasons why they choose specific charities but I take mine to my local Oxfam because one time the manager gave me a bunch of free Star Trek books.

I do this process once a year but I know of others who do it more regularly. It just depends on how quick books pile up, which can be frequent if you’re a book blogger.

Now if someone would like to tell me what they do with their ARCs that would be great.

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On Having Time

On Having Time |

It has been 3 years now since I was first diagnosed with CFS. Around 3 and a half since I first got CFS. And in that time I’ve come to realise how valuable my time is. I need to explain. I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years. At the beginning I decided I would write a post once a week. This would go up on a Sunday. I don’t think I managed that at all. I wrote like 2 or 3 posts a month. I was still making YouTube videos at the same time but not very frequently. At the time I told myself this is because I was busy with work. And I was, but not that busy. I was working part time so around 20 hours a week. Looking back I now realise this wasn’t actually a lot. I had ample amounts of free time that could have been spent blogging but instead I spent hours watching YouTube videos and scrolling around on Tumblr.

Now 3 years later and though I’m studying a full time course I would say I actually have more free time. I now know that I want to be doing something during that time, whether it be writing or designing or doing some other creative thing. But I can’t because the amount of energy I have is something I need to take into consideration. I’m now at this point where I’m watching YouTube videos or on Reddit and I’m annoyed because I know the thing holding me back from doing something is my CFS. And it really annoys me. I get so frustrated because I want to be doing something with my time and can’t do anything.

I guess what I’m trying to say is your time is a precious thing. Don’t waste it.

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Graphic Design Exhibition

I am very late in posting this. Every September/ October time Graphic Design Festival Scotland holds a poster design competition. You don’t have to create a poster on a specific thing, you just create a poster. The best posters are then shown in an exhibition at The Lighthouse in Glasgow. Here are the photos from the second year I went (from last September). Like I said I should have posted about this a long time ago.

I feel weird saying this but this exhibition wasn’t actually that good. The posters don’t have a specific theme which means it can be very overwhelming. Some were interesting to look at. But more as an inspirational thing. It was interesting to see how designers used different methods to create the posters. One actually had gold foiling on parts which was cool. But as a whole the exhibition wasn’t that good.

Graphic Design Exhibition | Graphic Design Exhibition | Graphic Design Exhibition | Graphic Design Exhibition |

Erin has been pestering me for over a year and a half to mention her in a post. So here is Erin and I up one of the towers in the Lighthouse. They don’t always have this open so it’s worth going up if you get the chance. You get some really nice views over Glasgow.

Graphic Design Exhibition | Graphic Design Exhibition |

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4 Creative People To Watch On YouTube

I really enjoy watching videos made by artists and illustrators on Youtube. I find their videos can inspire me to create something new. I thought today I would share 4 artists I’ve been watching recently.

Natasha Nuttall

Natasha is a freelance graphic designer living in London, I’ve have only just discovered her YouTube channel and I love it. She makes videos about design and stationery and interesting design related things to see in London. She also has a blog over at Graphique Fantastique which I love and have spent most of the day reading through.


Annabell is a fashion textile student as Rhode Island School of Design. I only started watching her videos in September and since then she has gained 80,000 subscribers and totally deserves them. She makes videos about fashion and makeup along with vlogs about her time at RISD.

Paige Poppe

Paige is an artist living in Arizona. Her art work is inspired by her surroundings, mostly featuring cacti and bright flowers. I love her style of video making. She makes vlogs most weeks about the projects she is working on.

Studio Jess

Jess is a children’s book illustrator and makes videos about being an illustrator. She mostly paints with watercolours and has a really cute style. I love her speed paint videos.

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My February Bullet Journal Set Up

My January bullet journal post was pretty popular so I thought I would write on for February too since I’ve made a few little changes and I really like how it’s looking just now.

My February Bullet Journal Set Up |

Since it was February I decided my colour scheme would be pink. The only pink highlighter I had was a little more fluorescent than I wanted but it still looks okay. The stickers I chose to match this colour was a small cacti kit I got from TsuStore on Etsy (I love her stickers so definately check them out if you’re into that sort of thing). These stickers have a little teal in them as well so my colour scheme for this month ended up being a mix of pink and blue. I really like how this ended up looking.

My February Bullet Journal Set Up |

The big thing I’ve changed this month is the headers. Everything is much simpler now. I’ve tried to take out all the extra stuff I don’t use, this also has the added bonus that it doesn’t take long to set the month up. I would prefer to have a little more definition between the days. Just so it’s easier to tell what day I’m writing info in. But I like how my calendar looks so much I think adding extra lines would ruin it.

My February Bullet Journal Set Up |

My blog planner for February is now spread over two pages. I know it seems silly to have two calendars for this but it’s the way that works best for me. On the left calendar I plan out the month, this is where I have space to make changes. On the left I have a calendar where I can track what I need to work on for a post and all the social media stuff that goes with it.

My February Bullet Journal Set Up |

My brain dump page is exactly the same but I’ve changed how I do my dailies again. The page is now split into three columns that are just wider than the Erin Condren boxes. This means I can buy sticker kits made for the Erin Condren and they will fit into my daily spreads. I find sticker kits are a good way to add a little bit of colour into my bullet journal without having to spend huge amounts of time on it.

Just wondering, would anyone be interested in this becoming a monthly thing?

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