My 2013 Resolutions

As usual this post is late, just under two weeks late to be precise. I have a task set on my calendar telling me to make a post every Sunday however I have been ignoring it. Something I feel I will be doing a lot of this year.

I have already made a video on YouTube of my 2013 resolutions but I feel I need to write them down too as the main reason I created this blog is to track how I am getting on with my resolutions this year.

So my 2013 resolutions are.

  1. Lose weight. This was my aim last year as well and I will be doing it again this year. However I will actually be doing some exercise along with the no eating sweets and stuff.
  2. Make more stuff. I really enjoy buying craft supplies but I never make anything with them so I’m going to try and make some stuff this year. I’ll probably film myself too because I found out its actually quite fun making YouTube videos.
  3. Go out more. I really don’t have that many friends which means I don’t  go out much as I never have anyone to go with. However this year there is lots of stuff I want to do (like the Vlogbrothers UK tour) so I am going to go to these things, even if it means I will be by myself. Maybe I will even make some more friends.
  4. Read more books. I read too much fanfiction so I will be doing the 52 book challenge which will hopefully force me to read some books this year. I will probably also do some book reviews. Just don’t expect them to be any good.

I realise I’m not a very good blogger and hopefully I will get better over time but for now thanks for reading.


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