Computer Fail

So yesterday was a pretty normal day. I got up, had a shower, took the dog for a walk, then sat at my desk and turned my computer on. Actually to be more accurate I tried to turn my computer on and nothing happened.

After a small freak out I worked out that my PC was turning on then immediately turning back. This was then followed by a frantic search for my warranty and a phone call to John Lewis customer support where I found out I would need to take it into a store for repair. Which means that for the foreseeable future there will be no videos and pretty much everything else I have been working on.

As I will have nothing else to do in my free time for a while (unless I get a PC on loan) I have decided to blog every day till I get my computer back. I can’t promise these posts will be interesting and there is a very high probability I will miss some days, but I need something to focus on otherwise I will end up spending my free time on Tumblr.

Now some of you may be thinking ‘Hey, its been nearly a month since you last posted anything what’s going on?’ and there is a story behind that but I shall leave it for tomorrow.


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