The Best April Fools of 2013

The internet in general is a rather silly place. This is especially true on the 1st of April when its easier to stay away from the internet rather than work out what is real and what is a prank. Here are my favourite April Fools of 2013.

Author John Green announced he would be playing the role of Augustus Waters in the movie adaptation of his book The Fault In Our Stars.
He then had to announce it was a prank because so many people were “actually concerned” he had been cast in the role.

Every year ThinkGeek comes out with a new joke product, in the past they have released a USB Nether Portal and Game of Thrones Fire and Blood Perfume. This year they came out with Bane Mask Walkie Talkies which can be used to give orders to your friends in Bane’s voice.

A while ago someone in the Supernatural fandom decided it would be funny if everyone on Tumblr changed their display picture to Misha Collins for April Fools Day, and mishapocalypse was born. Not only did mishapocalypse manage to confuse anyone not in the Supernatural fandom, it is also evidence of how batshit insane Tumblr can be.

On Sunday YouTube released a video called “YouTube’s ready to select a winner.” In it YouTube employees explained that the website would be going offline at midnight on the 31st of March. Staff would then begin selecting the best-ever YouTube video, with a winner being announced when the site went back online in 2023.

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