I Found Nemo

Day two of our holiday meant a train trip to Plymouth. Specifically the National Marine Aquarium. However we managed to get lost while walking from the train station to the aquarium as Google Maps decided the fastest way would be via Plymouth Tor.

statue at plymouth tor

It feels weird being in Plymouth Tor again as I have been there before but it was so long ago that I have only the vaguest memories of it. But still its a pretty place.

This was my attempt at taking a sort of artsy shot but some kids decided it would be funny to walk in front of the camera.

back of man's head taking photo of statue

Eventually we did find the aquarium. Right next to the harbour and a fancy fish & chips place which I found rather funny.

large aquarium viewing area

The aquarium wasn’t as good as the one in Bristol however they did have a tank taking up an entire wall which I could have sat and watched for hours.

And eventually we did find Nemo.

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