Moving Out

Moving out for college is weird. Especially since I haven’t moved out technically. Okay so I’m not living in halls but I am staying with my Gran as its easier getting into Glasgow than it would be from home. So that means I have sort of moved out. Right?

Its weird though. In the last two days I have seen more of my extended family than I have in a long time but I still thought I would miss my parents. They would probably be annoyed to find out I haven’t really missed them at all. I think it helps that I am a little bit older now. I’m pretty sure if I was 18 and moved out I would be on the phone to them every night.

One thing I have learned is I really need to pay attention to how much I’m spending. Especially since I can’t go to my parents if I don’t have any money. Not that I have ever needed to borrow money from them. Also how much internet I’m using. My Gran doesn’t have internet which means I need to use mobile broadband with a very small monthly download limit. This means I am very limited in how long I can use the internet every day, especially Tumblr and YouTube as they just eat internet.

I’ve only been away from home for two days however I know that I would very much like to move into my own flat at some point in the future. Only problem is I have no idea how I would pay for it.


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