5 YouTubers You Need To Watch

This is a list of my favourite YouTube channels along with some lesser known channels that I think needs more viewers. Enjoy!

CTFxC documents the lives of Charles and Alli Trippy along with their dogs Zoey and Marley. They have been uploading videos daily for almost five years and were recently awarded a Guinness World Record for the most consecutive daily video blogs.

Daniel Hardcastle commonly known as Nerd³ is a British gaming commentator, comedian and comic writer. He first started out by writing a 384 long series of webcomics based on the game Minecraft before moving on to produce “Let’s Play” Minecraft videos.

Karen Kavett is a YouTuber and freelance graphic designer living in San Francisco. Her videos mainly focus on graphic design and crafting. She also hosts a weekly recap every Sunday on the HGTV Handmade channel.

The Brain Scoop is hosted by Emile Graslie who is an American science communicator and YouTube educator. Emily first started out by volunteering at the Philip L Wright Zoological Museum in 2011 and after appearing in a Vlogbrothers video with Hank Green was offered her own educational YouTube channel. She is now employed at The Field Museum as their first ever Chief Curiosity Correspondent.

ApprenticeEh is a daily vlogging channel run by Corey Vidal and staff at his company ApprenticeA. In 2013 they worked on a documentary about YouTubers called Vlogumentary which stars vloggers such as Charles Trippy, Shay Carl and the Vlogbrothers.


5 Responses to “5 YouTubers You Need To Watch”

  1. Magpiemakingdo

    Oh man, last thing I need is another YouTube distraction, but these are all great! I love Daniel Hardcastle’s Let’s Plays, and the Brain Scoop is pretty fantastic – Emile is just so great!


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