I Like Big Mugs

I Like Big Mugs | bluchickenninja.com

Last month I bought this mug. It was a little bit more expensive that what I would normally pay but considering it was handmade I decided it was worth it. But the next day when the mug arrived in the post I was disappointed. I knew it was just a regular mug I had ordered. It wasn’t some fancy magic mug that contained endless amounts of tea. But I was disappointed anyway.

The problem is I have certain mugs that I prefer when I make a cup of tea. Most of these mugs I have bought myself but some have been found hidden at the back of various cupboards. And I’ve found that tea isn’t quite right unless I drink it out of one of my mugs. Most these mugs are not that large, although I do have a few for those days where you just need to drink a cup of tea the size of your face. But I have realised that the size and shape of the mug is important.

And this is why I am disappointed with my newest mug. Its too small. I mean its a regular sized mug. But the handle is too small. Everything is just a tiny bit too small. This means I can’t hold the mug in two hands. On cold days a warm cup of tea is my favourite kind of hand warmer. And whats the point of using a cup of tea to warm my hands if I can’t hold it comfortably.

I mean I still love this mug. I simply can’t drink tea out of it. But at least it’s a good place to keep all my paintbrushes in.


20 Responses to “I Like Big Mugs”

  1. Louise

    Hehe. That resonates with me. I’ve a blue mug with yellow circles that I can only use for peppermint tea. R (my other half) has a lovely round mug that I really want to pinch for the exclusive drinking of hot chocolate. Mind you, I also have an octopus one on my desk that I use for storing pens. I might just do a mug post soon.

  2. mrayis

    I have my favorite mugs as well. My daughter made one for me for Mother’s Day once. It says, “I (heart) Mom” on it. Sadly, it’s not one of my favorites for some reason. But I use it often because it makes her happy.

  3. helenrj

    A mug has to be ‘just right’. I’m a bit like Goldielocks when it comes to the handle, lip shape (the mug’s not my mug), and the size of the cup.

  4. craftysorcha

    I love the phrase on it though!
    I know exactly what you mean about the right size of mug, I’m very fussy about that too. They aren’t big tea drinkers here in France so it can be hard to get just the right mug!

  5. Anastasia

    Good post! 😀 I’m coffee person but I hate too small mugs…so I am reading a book and before I notice my coffee is cold. So it has to be big mug. Also, coffee ends too quickly if the mug is wrong size.

  6. Lisa Blair

    The right size mug is so important! Me and my girfriend are slowly working on our mug collection and at the moment my favorite mugs are actually steel enamel camping mugs. My girlfriend got me a set for our anniversary last and they are perfect for my coffee!

  7. Gerri

    I hear you. I have a mug for tea, one for coffee, and for some reason I find it difficult to drink Starbuck’s out of anything but the ‘to go’ cardboard cups. It’s more than a cup; it’s an experience.

  8. storyblossoms

    Lol…i can relate to this too!!!! The mug has to have the perfect fit, there needs to be a harmony…it all has to resonate perfectly,…you, the mug, and whatever goes in it!!!!! I dont drink coffee, i either make chai or chicory…and its just not the same in any other cup other than my favorite mug!!!

  9. Zeta.N

    I can understand you fully with mug-problem! I have diverse mugs, none of those sets you can buy which contain 4 or 6 cups that look all the same.
    For the same reason you named above: during the day I change my mugs all the time. In the morning it is one special mug; if I drink it with my sister it is one, if I drink it alone it is another one, big, huge one which can hold up to 0,75l of coffee 😉

    For winter time I have winter motifs, cute fluffy reindeer or snowman… For tea or coffee.

  10. paintyourownway

    You’re adorable! I never even realized it but I completely relate to this. I never knew why I did it, but I only use certain mugs for certain drinks. I collect mugs and sometimes find that I get into a routine with them… one cup is for coffee, because it’s small and holds just enough before my stomach starts to hurt, one is for cocoa because it’s so huge I can stuff half a bag of mini marshmallows onto the top, one is for tea because it’s big enough that my tea isn’t bitter, I can hold it with two hands, and it makes me feel cozy, etc etc. You are so cute, thanks for making me realize I have mug OCD as well. 🙂


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