On Comments

For the past few weeks my blog has been getting more hits than normal. This means more comments. But there is one tiny problem. I am grateful that anyone would take the time to comment on one of my posts. And I try to reply to as many as I can. But I find writing posts and replying to comments extremely difficult.

I am not in any way naturally talented at writing. Writing a single post can take me hours and even days. I often find myself complaining to friends that “I can’t do the words”.

There are many thoughts going about in my head that I want to write about. But I find I simply can’t get them down. The closest thing I can compare it to is baking. I know what I want the end result to be. But I have no instructions on the correct way to put the words together for it to match the expected result.

Really what I am trying to say is. If you ever leave a comment on this blog and I don’t reply, please don’t think I’m ignoring you. I just don’t know what to say. Or I’ve been distracted by Netflix.


17 Responses to “On Comments”

  1. Louise

    You shouldn’t ever feel obliged to reply – if that was the case conversations would be an endless reiteration.

    Any one with half a clue will understand that and not expect a reply (though they’ll no doubt be delighted if they do get one).

    Don’t worry. 🙂

  2. Magpiemakingdo

    For what it’s worth, I enjoy your writing. And as someone with a degree in it (you’d never guess it from my own bloggy writing, but my BA is in English with a Writing Concentration) I will be the first one to tell you that good writing is *never* easy, so don’t get yourself down. As the saying goes, “Easy reading is damned hard writing.”

  3. karencoll

    I also enjoy your posts, and your natural, conversational writing style. I certainly don’t expect a reply to my comments. All good!

  4. Liana S

    I get it, I really do! lol. I’m a special needs mom, so plenty of distractions and I can’t always respond right away. I just added the like button for comments, so that I can like a comment to let someone know I’ve read it. Sometimes the comment speaks for itself and needs no reply. As for netflix – gotta love netflix – some of my best inspiration comes when I’m relaxed and it’s not necessarily related to what I’m watching. I think my ideas flow more freely when I’m relaxed and not trying to force the words. I’m still new at blogging so I’ve been trying out a few new ideas (to keep track of my wandering thoughts…) One idea is brainstorming (charting it out with bubbles and connceting topics with lines.) The 2nd idea is from one of my blogging buddies: http://alienorajt.wordpress.com/2014/05/05/imagination-exercise-student-teacher/. From what I’ve read here on your blog, I thought you might actually like this 2nd technique 🙂

  5. Masala & Blarney

    I get distracted by Hulu Plus and Amazon. My mother and BoT took over my Netflix queue ages ago so I’m afraid to even log in – I just pay the bill.

    Like you my posts tend to take hours to compose and edit, even longer if I’m shifting through photos to add in. Never apologize for the things that bring you joy.

  6. sh

    Don’t stress yourself m’dear. We comment to show our enjoyment of your blog and say thank you. We don’t expect an individual reply. 🙂

  7. e1aine

    Don’t worry we all get distracted and… Ooh cobwebs… we don’t need or expect a reply.

  8. markhsutherland

    Thanks for your comments about Halliday Sutherland and Col Cody’s “Wild-West Show”. Agree with what you say about writing well being difficult, though it does come with practice. Keep trying! To organise your thoughts, I would suggest you use mind-mapping as explained in Tony Buzan’s “Use Your Head!” (BBC books) and a software such as iMindMap.

  9. wisteriainterior

    It’s so good to know that it’s not just me! I’m dyslexic and writing posts can often leave me so mentally exhausted, so you’re not alone! Just keep doing what you’re doing, and your followers will be happy to share your daily triumphs (and your beautiful photography) with you. take care!

  10. duaimei

    Reblogged this on Amy's Personal Blog and commented:
    I, as a personal rule, try to reply to all comments made on my posts. However, I know that I will eventually (or maybe it has already happened), one our two comments will slip through the cracks. Sorry!

  11. dearran2012

    Netflix would distract me to although currently its just taken 15minutes to even write this in between having a toddler clambering over me and me going. ‘NO don’t pull mummys hair’


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