Harry Potter: Page to Screen

Harry Potter: Page to Screen | bluchickenninja.com

I’m sort of kicking myself for how long I’ve waited before buying this book. Its been sitting on my amazon wish list for over a year now but when deciding between 1 book for £30 and 3 books for £30 I seem to always choose more books.

Which is pretty stupid as it turns out this book is amazing. It is 500 pages of witches and wizards and magical beasts and many other things as well. It has huge sections on how the filmmakers turned each book into a movie and includes hundreds of coloured photos, sketches and concept art.

Harry Potter: Page to Screen | bluchickenninja.com

Even though the Death Eaters are the bad guys I really wouldn’t mind becoming one just for a mask.

Harry Potter: Page to Screen | bluchickenninja.com

One thing I love about books like this is seeing the tiny details that you would never notice in the film. Like Molly Weasley’s teapot earrings from the 5th movie. Or her teacup print apron. Want!

Harry Potter: Page to Screen | bluchickenninja.com

Pages and pages of amazing graphic design work by the brilliant Eduardo Lima and Miraphora Mina (MinaLima).

Harry Potter: Page to Screen | bluchickenninja.com

Every time I open this book I find something new. From wands and broomsticks to a pullout spread of sketches of the dragon in Deathly Hallows. It even has a massive blueprint of Hogwarts. As someone who has spent 2 years trying to recreate Hogwarts in Minecraft this is particularly useful!

I probably sound like a complete nerd right now but this book is utterly brilliant and every Harry Potter fan should have a copy of this on their bookshelf (It may need to be a reinforced bookshelf though as this book is rather heavy).


13 Responses to “Harry Potter: Page to Screen”

  1. charlottebarker4

    My mum recently became a fan and bought this book at the Harry Potter tours in London. Needless to say, this book is amazing, just like you described. Enjoy finding something new 🙂

  2. rakelgaleano

    After reading this, I may just have to go purchase it!

  3. Adam

    I really enjoy books that look into the props, scenery and behind-the-scenes material of big movies and the book’s universe. I particularly loved the Star Wars ones when they came out!

  4. scabiesoftherat

    Thank you for liking my post. That means a lot. It also means that I won’t be taking it down due to lack of response. I hear what you mean about the writing. It’s like a recipe, ain’t it? I know what you mean. We are in the same boat. 🙂

    Thank You again, Blu chicken ninja! I will be back often.

  5. Ebi Poweigha

    Thanks for the review! And wow, what a glowing recommendation. 🙂 Have been thinking of sending some surprise books down to my best friend, this will have to be one of them.


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