Snacking Reinvented

Snacking Reinvented  |

Last week I decided to restart my Graze subscription as I’ve been trying to lose some weight but also have a bad habit of snacking on sweets and crisps during the day. Graze delivers a box of healthy snacks straight to your door every week. They will even deliver it to your work.

Snacking Reinvented  |

I last used this in 2011; however I ended up cancelling my subscription as it was mostly seeds and nuts that were available and these usually ended up being thrown in the bin as I’m not a huge fan.

Fortunately since then Graze has added a bunch more snacks to their menu including flapjacks, popcorn, brownies, beef jerky and my personal favourite: the high tea. This consists of a small slice of cake and a speciality tea.

Snacking Reinvented  |

If you want you can use my gift code to get a free Graze box and I will donate the £1 I receive to the graze school of farming. One thing I would suggest however is before your box is delivered make sure to go through the menu on the graze website and tell them which snacks you don’t want to be delivered. There is no point wasting a box on things you’re not going to eat.

Please note: Graze currently only delivers to the UK and US.


11 Responses to “Snacking Reinvented”

  1. Laura Feasey

    I love these boxes, I’ve been getting them for the last couple of years. The high tea is fab like you say, and the sticky toffee pudding… yum! They’re great because you still get a treat, just a little portion! Do you know they do breakfast boxes of porridge too?

  2. sh

    Wow! That box looks super yum. Might have to look into this. *She says as she tucks into a Cadbury’s Dairy Milk* – oops.

  3. Leanne

    As much as I love Graze I found the price point to be a little on the high side for me. It’s great to see that they’ve introduced new things to keep it interesting! x

  4. Sweet B

    I recently signed up for Graze. I’ve been enjoying the snacks. Though, it sounds like over there in the UK you’ve got some bangin’ options that the US doesn’t have. ie, the tea. We don’t have that choice. This saddens me.

  5. cerotas

    I have always seen adverts for these boxes in amazon packages etc but have never really tried them, always thought that they might be a bit expensive for what you got. Are they actually worth it?

    and much as you said you had, I have a bit of a problem snacking on crisps and stuff and I too am trying to lose a bit of weight, have these boxes helped you at all?


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