Smells Like Wet Dog

wet dog sitting in car


There is nothing more enjoyable than watching Alfie in the water. He jumps and splashes about patiently waiting for you to throw something. It could be a stick or even a rock, he isn’t picky. Just so long as he can run about in the water. And even if you don’t actually have anything to throw, he manages to bring something back anyway.

23 thoughts on “Smells Like Wet Dog

  1. He’s so adorable. It’s great to see our furbabies enjoy themselves like little kids playing and having fun. Have a great time with Alfie.

  2. Alfie is so cute! He seems like such a sweetie. I’m trying to get my pup to learn how to play fetch, but at almost two years old, I’m giving up hope. But he does love the water, so there’s a small consolation. 🙂

  3. <3333 love him! Labs are the greatest – and I love their wet dog smell. When my girl comes in from frolicking in the hose or the creek… idk, it just smells like happy dog to me.

  4. Beautiful Alfie…loyal companion to be sure! Stunning pic. Thanks for sharing. And thank you for liking my post “Blue” I’m honoured. I like you it sounds, eat books. Looking fwd to following you & your journey. Best, j

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