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Recently I’ve been using a notebook for post ideas and other things. But I’ve found it is very plain and boring. I’ve used paint and pens to make it a little more interesting but the best thing I’ve found to add colour is washi tape. The tape is brilliant for sticking in things I want to keep and highlighting important stuff. However washi tape can be expensive.

In the past I’ve bought tape from Paperchase and Etsy, but Paperchase doesn’t have a great selection and Etsy can get expensive with extra shipping charges. So recently I decided to try eBay for tape and I was really surprised. It turns out eBay has a huge selection of washi tape and other cute stationery items. And most of the sellers offer free shipping. Even the ones sending from China!

I managed to get 7 rolls of tape and some stickers for under £10. I did worry if it was a scam simply because everything was so cheap but from what I’ve seen so far everything is good quality and you get a decent amount of tape on each roll. I admit the stickers weren’t quite what I had expected but thats my own fault as I didn’t read the listing properly. But I do believe eBay is now my go-to place for washi tape and other stationery things.


21 Responses to “Washi Tape Addict”

  1. thelemondaisy

    I got a bunch of Washi tape at The Dollar Tree. I was hoping it was a stronger tape, but I guess for what it is it’s nice to decorate paper and journals with. It’s a shame you’re having trouble finding it cheaper. Are you in the UK? It’s fairly common in the US, although it can get expensive depending on where you shop.

    • bluchickenninja

      Yes I’m in the UK. From what I’ve found there is one high street store that sells it. I’ve found washi tape in a couple of craft stores too but they have a tiny selection. Maybe only 3 or 4 different kinds of tape. In the UK you really have to buy it online.

  2. francisguenette

    I’m with your first commenter – never heard of washi tape before. Looks amazing – thanks for the tip on where to get a good price.

  3. hedanni (Danni Haughan)

    Yay washi tape! I’m also in the uk and I agree, we really need a high street store that sells more! There’s a bit more in Cass art and Fred Aldous (in Manchester) but that’s it really. If you ever find yourself in Japan you should stock up there – there is a HUGE variety and it’s so much cheaper

    • bluchickenninja

      I would love to go to Japan (not just for the washi tape) but I think ordering it online might be cheaper than a plane ticket. If I’m ever in London I will definitely be going to that art store.

  4. emmaabest

    You should also try Amazon! 6 rolls, each 10 meters, for £6.60 sign free delivery 🙂

    • bluchickenninja

      I’ve found Amazon can be very hit or miss. Sometimes they have cheap tape but other times it can be very expensive. But yes that’s a good deal.

  5. Magpiemakingdo

    Loveeeee washi tape. I should really try ebay… our craft stores carry it, but I never like the patterns they have there…

    • bluchickenninja

      Yeah the craft stores here don’t have a good selection of washi tape. I think they stuff they sell might be more for scrapbooking than stationery.

  6. rapgarcia

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I found this post and I gotta agree– Washi is the best! Love the floral print washi so much, i covered my bike with it. 🙂

  7. The Simple Beginner

    Washi tape is the best!! Haha – “I have too many washi tapes”, said no one ever 🙂

  8. <3 k.arla <3

    …I’m so glad I’m not the only washi tape addict *ggg* – love the picture and idea, I’m going to try that some day… thanks for sharing ❤

  9. A.F.Kopp

    I love Washi Tape! My Aunt bought some for me and my siblings for XMAS a few years ago and I have gone crazy decorating my diary!


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