New Feature: Currently Reading

This is a new thing I’m trying out. Every Sunday I’m going to share what I have been reading over the previous week. This way I can share my thoughts on the books I’ve been reading even if I don’t write a full review.

New Feature: Currently Reading

The latest book in the Old Kingdom series was released two days ago. I’ve loved this series since I was a child. I still remember finishing Sabriel for the first time. Mostly because I was terrified and had nightmares for a week.

Clariel is a fantastic prequel and it ties in nicely with the rest of the series. Though I would recommend if you’re just starting out on the Old Kingdom books to read Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen first. Spoilers. Thats all I’m gonna say.

Thanks for reading.
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19 thoughts on “New Feature: Currently Reading

  1. My boyfriend loves this series, and I’ve had Sabriel in my possession for a while to read. But it’s taking me a long time to get the motivation to get past the second chapter… I really want to enjoy fantasy but I often find it hard to keep myself inspired with it. I love the concept so far, I’m just finding myself prioritising different books. Which would you say is your favourite in the series?

    • I suppose the start of Sabriel is quite boring. After the first 3 or so chapters it starts getting really interesting with magic and monsters and stuff.

      I think out of all the books I like Lirael the most. Mainly because it is the story of a librarian.

  2. I saw that there was a new one in a bookshop last week and got very excited! Can’t wait to get into it – I love the others and always wanted more of that world.

  3. I had never heard of these until a few months ago when I helped a friend move and I asked about them as I was filling her bookcase. She proceeded to rant and rave about how good they are… I may just have to give them a shot now.

  4. Yay! So glad to see this! I LOVE the Abhorsen series and will be seeing Garth Nix speak at the Austin Teen Book Festival next weekend where I plan to buy Clariel. I can remember reading Sabriel for the first time, too. I thought it was fantastic, though Lirael will always be my favorite in the series.

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