Book Depository Links

On my unemployed post I mentioned that I was going to look into becoming an affiliate with the book depository. Well I did that and it turned out to be much easier than expected. So now I have a link which you can use to shop on the book depository.

I haven’t got everything worked out yet but I am probably going to have a link on my sidebar and possibly in any book related posts. So if you want you can use those links to buy yourself some books. The Bone Clocks is one I have been particularly enjoying just now.

The book depository will also leave a cookie on your browser so if you use the link but don’t want to immediately buy something, I will still get a commission if you go back within 30 days.

You would think after 5 years of computing I would be tired of making cookie jokes.

TL;DR. Use this link to buy books if you want to help support my blog.

Thanks for reading.
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9 Responses to “Book Depository Links”

  1. curiousdaisies

    Will do the next time I’m ordering something from them 🙂

  2. Laura Feasey

    Is this so you get commission for some of the books that you recommend? It’s only fair if you direct people towards reading something, what a good idea!


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