Brain Training for Graphic Designers

Here are some fun graphic design games. Warning! they are harder than they look.

Color is a simple yet challenging game where you have to identify the odd coloured square amongst others in a grid. You have a minute to get as many as you can, and it is easy to get stumped now and again. Can you beat my high score of 27?

Brain Training for Graphic Designers |

Font Game. How well do you know your fonts. Can you tell the difference between Ariel and Helvetica?

Brain Training for Graphic Designers |

The Bézier Game. A Bézier curve can describe many shapes. They are commonly used in vector art packages for curve drawing. If you’ve ever used the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator you have used bézier curves. The Bézier Game will teach you how to manipulate curves and how to use the pen tool.

Brain Training for Graphic Designers |

Kill Comic Sans. Comic Sans is possibly the most hated font ever. If you’re tired of seeing Comic Sans everywhere play this game and release some frustration.

Brain Training for Graphic Designers |

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13 Responses to “Brain Training for Graphic Designers”

  1. Kara Lalalala

    Ha, those were kind of fun, thanks! I had the same as you on the colour block game, 27. Greens seemed harder for me to be able to figure out, wonder why that is. Hm! Also I knew way more fonts than I thought i did which is weird, because I dont think Ive ever given a second thought to them. Except for wingdings. Gotta love wingdings!

  2. Laura L.

    My Pond Scum Ex is a lettering designer, old school, he does it by hand. While he would grudgingly use computer fonts when he had to (and designed some), I heard the rant about Comic Sans. 🙂 I use it to spite him.

  3. Eva V.

    I only got 22 points on the colour game, but I did pass the font game with 17 out of 30 points. Never have been very good at remembering names though.

  4. charlypriest

    This was fun but I´m terrible at this, the colour thing, did you say you found 27? I just found one green that was lighter than the rest, just one. Where in the world did you found 27 plus there´s a total of 36…….if my math is correct, which I´m not too good at that one either.
    Glad you stumbled upon my crazy little blog, still have to explore more of this blog. With time, but you have very interesting things here.

    • bluchickenninja

      Yeah I did have to guess some of them. The later ones are really difficult, it gets to the point where you can’t tell if a colour is different or if its just a shadow on the screen. Lots of fun though!

      Thanks 🙂


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