30 Day Book Challenge // 1

Book series you wish had gone on longer.

To be honest I can’t think of any book series I wish had gone on longer. I mean obviously I wish we had more Harry Potter but with the Fantastic Beasts movie being released in 2016 and JK Rowling writing a short story about Dolores Umbridge* I don’t need to wish very hard.

The only other book series I wish had gone on longer was the Old Kingdom series. I had pretty much given up hope of there ever being another book released. And then last month Clariel was released along with rumours that Garth Nix was working on another book about Nicholas Sayre and Lireal. So for now I’m quite happy to wait.

Thanks for reading.
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*Okay so it wasn’t really a short story but it was still interesting nonetheless.


8 Responses to “30 Day Book Challenge // 1”

  1. kinginascendent

    I think the only series I wanted to go on although it ended up being a great ending even as it broke my heart was George Pelecanos’ Quinn and Strange books. They’re incredible and although I loved how it finished, I still missed them.

  2. DaveJeigh

    I generally prefer a good series because I want to stay in that world longer. One of my favorites is of course Song of Fire and Ice series (Game of Thrones) by George R.R. Martin (saw it on your bookshelves). Of course we all want it to continue because he has indicated there are two more in the series to go (and the TV Series will catch up with it in the next or so). The Wheel of Time series started to drag, but when Brandon Sanderson finished off the final three books it came to a satisfactory close. Frankly I would love for a good editor to edit the series down to 6 or 7 volumes. Unfortunately, too many series go on longer than they should have. Thanks for the Garth Nix tip. On your recommendation, just got the Abhorsen/Old Kingdom omnibus set and may read it next.

    • bluchickenninja

      I’ve read the Song of Ice and Fire series up to where the tv show is just now. A Feast for Crows I think. I’ve been meaning to continue with the series but I have terrible memory and need to start from Game of Thrones again which is slightly annoying.

      The Old Kingdom series is really good. Its one of those books originally written for children but pretty much anyone can read and enjoy it. Hope you like it!

  3. orples

    I’m working on book 3 of a trilogy right now. I have my books titled as Brides, with subtitles for Book 1 . Sarah and Yvonne, and Book 2 . Sharon and Carmine, already published on amazon. I’m need to edit the e-books formatting, which I need to figure out myself, when time allows, and I have found a couple of minor errors which will need to be addressed, In the meantime in the print copies of Brides, Books 1 & 2, I’m trying finish the 3rd leg of the story, Book 3 . Topeka. If the first three books become popular, I hope to branch out from the family tree, and do one, or possibly, even two, satellite books revolving around the various characters as the peopling grows. To date, the first three books tell the story of a closely knit family beginning in 1988, and ending in 2010 at the end of book 3. Faces change, and characters come and go. The story of Brides revolves around an equestrian setting, so it may well become popular with horse-people, such as myself — I dedicated the series to my trail horse from my younger days. He is featured in some of my blog topics as well.

    John Jakes, a real life historian, did a fictional series based on a family saga for America’s Bi-Centennial. The story began before the Revolutionary War and I wrapped it up before book seven came out, then never read the last book. The year was 1976, and the books had been brought into modern times. The first six books were phenomenal of the series were superb. I bought the series recently for my grandson to read. And it was those books that inspired me, among other things, to write a saga of my own, thus Brides was born.

    • orples

      Can you tell, I am tired? LOL. Pardon my errors, especially toward the end please. Good night. 😉 Some writer, I am, huh?

  4. blackdragon80

    There are many stories I would have wished to go on that little bit longer, I always feel a bit sad when a book reaches it’s end. However, a series I would have like to continue is the Sparhawk series by David Eddings, which includes the Elenium trilogy and Tumuli trilogy. Just because the characters were so good and the story engaging. Also, I would have liked for a bit more in the Dragonmaster series by Chris Bunch. Sadly, none of this is possible.

    I just read them over and over, every year!! In between writing my own fantasy stuff and novels, which perhaps one day readers will wish went on for longer!! 🙂


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