30 Day Book Challenge // 4

Book turned into a movie and completely desecrated.

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I could probably write an entire essay about why I hated this adaptaion. But the one thing that pissed me off more than anything else is that they changed the sodding name.

Oh, I didn’t like the movie version of World War Z either but you can read more about that here.

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26 Responses to “30 Day Book Challenge // 4”

  1. kedavis99

    Haven’t read this book so I’ll take your word for it, but this is the way I feel about the new The Giver movie, I refuse to see it just hearing some of the changes they made.

  2. James Patrick Casey

    The fact that the trailers all focused on Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig being in the film, rather than on the poor girl who was actually playing Lyra also irked me – I know those other two are famous and stuff, but Craig had like ten minutes of screen time in the whole thing!

  3. milliethom

    I’ve heard several other people expressing the same view about The Golden Compass, so I think I’m pretty much convinced. I’d like to read your essay, though, should you ever get round to writing it.

  4. paulainauckland

    Not my favourite book but the one thing that got my knickers in a knot was that McDonalds did the toys…and the bear ended up looking cute & cuddly.

  5. D.T. Nova

    Technically, it was the American publication of the book that changed the title; the movie just went with that and then (unlike the first Harry Potter) used the same title worldwide (or everywhere that speaks English, anyway).

    Which doesn’t excuse any of the other many things wrong with the movie.

    • bluchickenninja

      Thanks I didn’t know that. I had a look at wikipedia and it turns out the series was originally going to be called The Golden Compasses which is where the american title came from.

  6. mrscrawford1998

    I have to say that World War Z was a bigger desecration than Golden Compass/Northern Lights. Compass was close, not perfect, but it might have driven kids to read the trilogy. The only thing WWZ had in common w/the book was the title. Now I have to go read your other post : )

  7. bigbird34

    I have never read the book but I didn’t care for the movie. I agree with Kedavis99 about The Giver movie. They changed a lot from the book.

  8. rubyr8

    I loved the book, read it like 6 times. The movie was annoying to say the least, the main character was snubbed just cause they got popular actors for the supporting characters.
    It was sad, I didn’t finish the movie too many things off about it.

  9. BearNextDoor

    I still haven’t gotten very far in the book (I’ve had it for years now) but i saw the film a long time ago and haven’t yet seen where the 2 become similar (though maybe that’s because it was so long ago)

  10. memeethemuse

    Hi Blucchickenninja, I totally agree with you about this movie not holding a candle to the book (and I would literally hold a candle to read this first book of the His Dark Materials trilogy). I loved the book so much, I literally read the entire book within 48 hours and rushed back to the library to find book two, which was an excellent sequel. However, when I got to the third and final book, The Amber Spyglass I had an extremely difficult time reading it. It seemed to drag along slowly and I lost interest. I am not a person to not finish a book I begin, but this book I just couldn’t swallow my disappointment and, in disgust, I returned the book, unfinished.

    However, having read this post of yours and being reminded of how much I loved the first two books I think I will start the trilogy again sometime soon and give that final book a fair shake. After all, it is where the story wraps up to its conclusion. I don’t know how this wonderful adventure ends!

  11. Katie Louise Halsall

    Oh, I’ve just recently finished the His Dark Materials series, and though I’m sure I watched this film when it first came out I couldn’t remember a thing. Sad to hear that it’s such a bad adaptation! Loved the books so much!


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