30 Day Book Challenge // 14

Book that made you cry.

The Son by Michel Rostain
The Son by Michel Rostain.

This was a strange book. I didn’t like it but I ended up crying anyway. The story is based on real events and shows Michel Rostain coping with the death of his son Lion. But it is told from Lion’s point of view. This is a very weird book. I’m not sure why I cried considering I really didn’t like it. But I’m just going to blame all the medication I was on while reading it.

Thanks for reading.
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8 Responses to “30 Day Book Challenge // 14”

  1. sheap87

    Is a bit like Lovely Bones weird? That’s one book that made me cry that I can’t say I particularly liked or enjoyed.

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  3. Sandromache

    I cried reading ‘Sputnik Sweetheart’ which was a weird book. I don’t know what it was. When I cry reading a book I always wonder, ‘is my period coming soon’.


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