30 Day Book Challenge // 24

Book you’re most embarrassed to say you liked.

Twilight by Stephenie MeyerYes I admit, I read Twilight and enjoyed it. And I bought the movies. But I am older now and realise that the Twilight books really are not that great. However Twilight is not the worst book I have ever read. That award goes to a book I got for free on the Kindle store and was so bad I gave up after 18 pages. And no it wasn’t 50 Shades of Grey.

Thanks for reading.
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28 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge // 24

  1. I think Twilight is a lot of people’s shameful truth, and I too think the books weren’t that bad, though I despised Bella on a few occasions. I tried to read the True Blood ones but didn’t get very far. My personal shame goes to the Da Vinci Code. Truly badly written, but I enjoyed it hugely. And then got rid of it and told very few rusted people.

  2. Fifty Shades is the worst book I’ve ever read, probably joint with Breaking Dawn. I didn’t mind the other Twilight books but could not wait to finish Breaking Dawn because it was so terrible and I had read too much to give up! So I guess, guilty pleasure is the other Twilight books.

  3. Haha I laughed while reading this because this is so true for many. I know quite a number who used to rave about the book but bashed it later after the mainstream hate started.

    I’m really really curious though about the identity of your worst book. Just to serve as a helpful reminder 🙂

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