A Book Comparison Site


I recently came across booksprice.co.uk and thought it could be useful in the run up to Christmas. This is a comparison site where you can check the prices of books, cds, and DVDs. You can search for books by title, author or ISBN and it will check the usual sites (Amazon, bookdepository, Albris, Play, ect). It will also include any shipping costs which is really useful.

One thing I would point out is be careful if you are searching for a book by ISBN. Hardback and paperback editions of a book have different ISBN number. So if you are searching for a hardback edition remember you might be able to get the paperback edition for less (I made this exact mistake a few days ago oops!).

If you’re in the UK use booksprice.co.uk or if you’re in America use booksprice.com.

Thanks for reading.
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10 Responses to “A Book Comparison Site”

  1. cerotas

    I just tried this site, found an even cheaper one! try abebooks.co.uk if your are in the UK or abebooks.com for USA. Found it really useful for getting my textbooks and novels while at Uni!

    • bluchickenninja

      Abebooks is good for hard to get books, but it isn’t the cheapest for what I was looking for. I suppose it just depends on what kind of book you want to buy.

      Another website which is really good is thriftbooks.com its an american site but delivers worldwide.

      • cerotas

        Oh right, interesting. I suppose the main books I’ve been looking for are text books so you could be right there. I’ll check it out! Thanks!

        • bluchickenninja

          😀 Thriftbooks is good. I made a big order on there a few days ago. Even with shipping it was cheaper than buying the same books in the UK.

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