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Harry A History by Melissa Anelli

Harry, a History by Melissa Anelli.

The Harry Potter Books Were Just The Beginning of the Story… During the brief span of just one decade, hundreds of millions of perfectly ordinary people made history: they became the only ones who would remember what it was like when the Harry Potter saga was still unfinished. What it was like to seek out friends, families, online forums, fan fiction, and podcasts to get a fix between novels. When the potential death of a character was a hotter bet than the World Series. When the unfolding story of a boy wizard changed the way books are read for all time. And as webmistress of the Leaky Cauldron, one of the most popular Harry Potter sites on the Internet, Melissa Anelli had a front row seat to it all.

Melissa Anelli is regarded as an important person in the Harry Potter fandom. However I was never in the Harry Potter fan community so to me Melissa Anelli is just the owner of a rather popular fansite. And to be honest the only reason I wanted to read this book is because it was about Harry Potter. So when I read a review which said this book is basically Melissa Anelli “scrabbling at her fifteen minutes of fame” I was expecting to not like this book.

While part of this book is Melissa Anelli’s autobiography it is also a fascinating account of how Harry Potter was published, the growth of the online fan community, fanfiction, the shipping wars and Harry and the Potters. Basically if you are a huge Harry Potter fan you should read this book. There was also one piece of trivia in this book which I found really interesting: It was an intentional decision by Warner Bros to keep the Harry Potter movies and books as separate as possible which means there has never been a movie edition of a Harry Potter book. I am embarrassed to admit I have been reading Harry Potter for 16 years and never noticed this before now.

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12 thoughts on “Currently Reading #13

  1. I am a huge Harry Potter fan so I am going to add this to my list of books I need to read! I am quite intrigued by it 🙂 xx

    • Have to admit, I haven’t read any other books about Harry Potter so I can’t compare it to anything. However I was never part of the Harry Potter fan community so most of the information in this book was new to me and I found it really interesting.

      And thanks 🙂

  2. I remember taking my kids to the first Harry Potter movie and over-hearing elderly theater-goers who were concerned if they would live to read the entire series (since she hadn’t written them all at that point). I hope they lived long enough to finish it. But, it’s something to think about. My neighbor was reading the Sue Grafton series, and when she got sick was upset that she wouldn’t ever get to finish them. When Sue Grafton finishes I’ll read the entire series in memory of my wonderful neighbor. 😦

  3. I remember when the Leaky Cauldron and MuggleNet were in their heydays as HP fan websites! I was rather partial to MuggleNet myself, but I remember that the webmasters from both websites got so much acclaim that JK Rowling invited them to interview her in person. Pretty cool.

    Thanks for sharing your review of the book. I’ll definitely add it to my reading list!

  4. I have got to read it! Well, after I finish the Deathly Hallows 🙂 I never really noticed what Warner Bros did! All I noticed was they never mentioned it was based on the series.

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