A Day In My Life

I decided to do something a little different today. On the 14th of January I took a photo of everything I did during the day and this is the result. Before I get any comments about it; yes I have a very boring life, I would do more if I could but someone needs to find a cure for CFS first.

A Day In My Life | bluchickenninja.com

I wake up around 9, look out my window to see it has snowed overnight. Which basically means I will not be getting out of bed any time soon.

A Day In My Life | bluchickenninja.com

I finally get up. Tea and a banana for breakfast while I watch some youtube videos. Checked the mailbox to see I have two books in for review. Written in the Blood by Stephen Lloyd Jones and Smiler’s Fair by Rebecca Levene. I was really surprised to get a copy of Smiler’s Fair, I requested it over a month ago.

A Day In My Life | bluchickenninja.com

I decide to take the puppies outside so they can have a run about. It was still snowing a little bit but the dogs didn’t care.

A Day In My Life | bluchickenninja.com

This was Alfie’s first time in the snow, he was a little bit hyper. Even though he has a short coat he didn’t care that it was freezing cold.

A Day In My Life | bluchickenninja.comA Day In My Life | bluchickenninja.com

I finally sit down to work on todays blog post. I try to write posts a week in advanced but got a little behind from my CFS not liking bad weather. I’m not sure of exactly what I want to write about, I have a few photos and a vague idea. I prefer to do a first draft of my posts in a notebook before I open Wordpress. The post comes together quickly and soon enough I have it typed up and scheduled.

A Day In My Life | bluchickenninja.com

Lunch today is a ham and cheese toastie (on the tiniest slice of bread I’ve ever seen), tea (Twinings Everyday) and more YouTube videos.

A Day In My Life | bluchickenninja.com

Mum asked me to make some shortbread. I love shortbread and it literally only takes 5 minutes to mix everything together. If you want the recipe it can be found here: Chunky Shortbread Recipe.

A Day In My Life | bluchickenninja.com

While the shortbread is in the oven I take photos for Sunday’s post. My set-up may look ridiculous but it was cheap and it works.

A Day In My Life | bluchickenninja.com

Another cup of tea while I work on my review of Alice and the Fly. This is the last thing I have to do today which is good timing as I’m just starting to get tired.

A Day In My Life | bluchickenninja.com

I take amitriptyline every night to help me sleep. The funny thing about having a chronic tiredness problem is it also causes really bad insomnia.

A Day In My Life | bluchickenninja.com

Bath time. Today I am using my sisters mango and papaya bubble bath.

A Day In My Life | bluchickenninja.com

I do some more replying to comments and checking emails, then I get started on The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman.

A Day In My Life | bluchickenninja.com

And goodnight!

Thanks for reading.
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100 thoughts on “A Day In My Life

  1. I really enjoyed joining you for a day, Emma!

    I was thinking of you and other fans of Gaiman when a character in a book I’m currently reading was reading one.

  2. I love this! We all think we have boring lives, but other people’s lives are not boring….maybe I’m just nosy 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your day! (and I’m looking forward to reading The Ocean etc myself)

  3. I concur…I loved hearing about your day. We are in different stages of life and yet have similar interests. I am American, 51, have grown kids, currently living in Tennessee (though still consider myself a Seattleite after living there 30 years…go Seahawks!), not working after a layoff after 17 years at former company…so at home now discovering new life. I loved hearing about your very productive day despite challenges. You are inspiring.

  4. I am kinda really jealous how productive your life is. Mine is kond of same everyday and it’s pretty bored actually. And to make it worst I have trouble sleeping at night and this has cause me to wake up nearly in the afternoon. I usually rely on books and milk but that doesn’t help either.

  5. Great idea showing a whole day in a post.
    And for suffering from CFS you’re VERY productive.
    And excuse my language, but: “F*%k you, chronic diseases! Go home! Nobody wants you!”

  6. Thank you, Emma, for letting us join you in your day. It’s always interesting to see how other people do things, normal things at home. At least you got to go out with your puppies, to play in the snow for a bit. Great pictures! Mine would be computer, dishes, computer, laundry, computer, feed cats… somewhere in there I get to write stuff! 🙂 Love all your posts!

  7. I always love to read/hear how other writers get through each day. And may I just say, I LOVE your pen organizer on your desk, full of pens. I want one of those!

  8. Think that you have a boring Life? Well, that sort of makes two of us. Being Retired now, I don’t have to be anywhere and do something that someone else wants me to do. Retirement is not all of what they say it is. During the Spring, Summer, and Fall I can always find someplace to go or something to do. The Winter months are plain Blah! To darn cold to go out there with my Nikon. Find something to do inside the house. Read my blog to see if I got any likes, or comments, but never seem to get many comments at all. Try to think of something to Post about, but Life is rather boring right now.

  9. I love this. Its great to see how other people live. Although im sure i wouldnt have anything to take pictures of. Your amazingly productive considering the CFS. Im craving shortbread now!

    • I mean I still get tired during the day, but I’ve found that working through the tiredness is better than going for a nap. That usually just makes me feel worse. I used to go for a walk every time I felt tired but I ended up making myself more unwell.

      But you should do your own version of this. I would love to see it.

      • I agree about the naps, as they make me feel worse too, but its a very difficult balancing act between doing too much and not enough. Glad you’ve found the middle ground.

        I might give my version of this post a go, will link it back if i do.

        • Yeah it definitely is a balancing act, I’m still working out quite how much I can do every day.

          And you have to do your own version of this. I would love to see it!

  10. How lovely and inspiring of you to share your day with us Emma 🙂 I take amitriptyline also for fibromyalgia, neuropathy, and migraines. I’m fortunate though in that it helps me sleep. I’m a minor of a Neil Gaiman fanatic. My two favorites are American Gods and The Ocean At the End of the Lane. I’m going to try that shortbread recipe!

    • Yeah amitriptyline is a strange drug. I’m not taking it for pain relief but since I started it I haven’t needed to take as many pain killers. I also read somewhere that its given to kids that have problems wetting the bed.

      That reminds me I need to change that recipe a bit. I used a different pan this time so the shortbread wasn’t quite as chunky as I like it.

  11. I really liked this! Might nick this idea tbh haha (will obviously credit you as inspiration!)
    Also, The Ocean at the End of the Lane is seriously good, I read it on holiday this summer and loved it

  12. Love this! And I don’t think it’s boring – you’re FAR more productive than I have been lately. I’ve got a similar post in the works but I’m waiting until our semester gets back in full swing, because right now the post would just be picture after picture after picture of my computer screen.

  13. Hey, this isn’t boring at all! It’s great getting a sneak peek into other peoples lives :). And I bloomin’ love shortbread so as others have said above I’m definitely going to try it out!

  14. Thanks for letting me into your life today. Where do I go to get the books that you receive via mails?
    And oh, Yh you gotta show me how to schedule my posts too.
    Will remember you in prayer too.

    • The books I got were from bookbridgr, however its only for book bloggers in the UK just now.

      Scheduling posts are super easy. So go onto the page were you write a new blog post. On the right side of the page there should be a Publish box. The 4th option down should say ‘Publish immediately’ if you click the Edit next to that you can pick a date and time that you want the post to be published. Pick a date and time then click OK. And your post should be scheduled.

  15. Wow you got 73 comments! too many to scroll through, I wasn’t sure if I answered you about making the video. I was pouring my many meds into my med caddy and thought it would make an interesting video, to talk about the things I do for love … er, bipolar … lol

    • Oh wow 73 comments. I didn’t realise it had that many. And I think there are still some I need to go reply to.

      Do it make a video! I was actually thinking about starting to make youtube videos again.

  16. I absolutely loved this! This would be something I would love to do! Also, where did you get those white boards from to take pictures of books on? It may be cheap but it looks fab 🙂

  17. I liked this post and your photos a lot. Have you tried medicinal marijuana for CFS? Oils high in CBD don’t make you high or “stoned” and can really really help relax you and drift you off to sleep completely naturally. I’m here if you want to talk more about it!

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