On the Origin of BluChickenNinja

I’ve always thought that my username was far too silly to write about. To be honest it is the result of a joke among a few of my high school friends and six years later I still can’t get over it. But I’ve had so many people ask about it and what it means that I’ve finally decided to write about the history of BluChickenNinja.

So the first thing you should know about BluChickenNinja is that it has no meaning. The second thing you should know is that it was not my idea originally. I asked my best friend and creator of BluChickenNinja about its origins and he had this to say:

I did a talk in french class about chicken breeds that are called blues

we then joked about a chicken being actually blue and then for some reason it was a ninja

so I credit you for the ninja.. the bluchicken is mine

And there you have it. BluChickenNinja was originally a joke about blue chickens. However our story isn’t over yet. Because the final part; how blue chicken ninja turned into BluChickenNinja, is mostly a fluke.

I was a shy teenager. On the internet you can be whoever you want but I was shy online too. As a teenager I thought usernames were a big deal. I know now that I was wrong but at the time I thought that picking the right username was important. In the past I had just used a random name generator to pick something. However some time in 2008 I decided to use blue chicken ninja as a username.

But there was one tiny problem. This particular website had a character limit on usernames. My username had to be 15 characters or less. BlueChickenNinja had 16 characters. I decided that instead of finding a different name I would just remove one of the characters from my already chosen name. I tried a few variations but eventually I decided to remove the ‘e’ from blue. And BluChickenNinja was born. The result of a joke about chickens and some websites arbitrary character limit on usernames.

When I signed up to WordPress I knew my blog would be called BluChickenNinja. I had tried a few other names on various blogging platforms, but was never able to come up with a name I liked. Now that this blog is getting sort of serious I thought about giving it a serious name, but in the end I decided I liked having a silly name. What is the point in having a serious name when it would be just one of millions of other blogs with a bookish name.

I have lots of memories attached to BluChickenNinja and I would rather have a username that means something to me than something I hate. I know BluChickenNinja confuses people but I also know that many people have found my blog from seeing the name. I didn’t intend for that to happen but I find it hilarious that it does. I still find it crazy that a silly joke has turned into something I have to explain because so many people have asked about it. I don’t know what my teenage self would think about all of this, she would probably be horrified.

This post was getting just a bit too serious for my liking so…

On the Origin of BluChickenNinja

Thanks for reading.
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48 Responses to “On the Origin of BluChickenNinja”

  1. moonike

    I like your user-name!
    I’ve always been fond of quirky usernames and am always slightly envious, when people have clever or funny ones.

    And I can totally relate to being shy even on the internet. I’ve never gotten that “you can be anyone on the web”-thing, kind of doesn’t work for me at all :S My opening up to a website or user or a platform is as slow as it is in real life. Meh.

    • bluchickenninja

      Thank you 🙂 I’ve never understood how shy people in real life can have an outgoing personality online. I really don’t like using social media that much, its taken years for me to be okay with talking to people on Twitter.

  2. Britta

    Great Story, Emma. You’re satisfied with it and everyone else seems to love it. I see no point in changing it. 🙂

    (also, I am pretty sure I also clicked on your blog because I was curious about the name)

    • bluchickenninja

      I should do a survey to see how many people clicked on my blog after seeing the name and going wtf is a bluchickenninja.

      That would be really interesting. Thanks too!!!

  3. Norm 2.0

    Sometimes serious is good. The name is great, I knew there had to be a story behind it. It stands out, it’s easy to remember and can even incite people to click. Can’t ask for better than that – I’d say don’t change a thing.

  4. Charlie

    I’ve tried several different usernames. I was redstarninja before I realized that I would *never* remember it. CharlieBravoWhiskey is easier because well, it’s my initials.

  5. shazzameena

    Thanks for the story! My nephew was rather taken with your username and loves reading – so I told him to check out your blog 🙂

  6. dotcomdarling

    My email address when I was a kid was ‘chickendisco’ – because I really loved chickens & really loved discos!
    I love that you embrace the silliness 🙂 & chickens…chickens need all the love they can get!


  7. imaginenewdesigns12

    Thank you for liking “The Blue Hour” and “Twilight.” What a fun story about your username! 🙂 When I created my username, I was thinking that I would be writing a graphic design blog and now more than two years later I hardly write anything about graphic design. I have thought about changing my username too because it does not match the content of my blog, but many people already know me by this username. I am thinking I will confuse people if I change it.

  8. One among Many

    I am going around and reading many posts. On the statement “A fart is a wish your butt makes” Does that also mean a turd is the wish answered? 🙂

  9. Heena Rathore P.

    Such an adorable history! I love Blu Chicken Ninja and to be honest, the first time I saw your blog, I considered changing my blog’s name to be as cute as your’s… 🙂


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