An Accidental Book Haul

So it seems that I am totally incapable of going into a book shop without buying anything. My only excuse is I had some Waterstones vouchers to use.

An Accidental Book Haul

The Manifesto on How to be Interesting by Holly Bourne.
Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld.

Thanks for reading.
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73 thoughts on “An Accidental Book Haul

  1. Okay so Going into Barnes & Noble is like walking into your own living space only luxury, with softer, fluffier seating accommodations and food…just not fair, and that’s not even hitting the book aisles yet…gosh!

  2. I used to be the same with Book Stores and record Shops. I couldn’t walk past one without going for a browse. Browse = Buy something.

    I love the feel of books and Records or CD’s but I have recently gone over to the dark side. My Apple obsession means that I love my iPod & iPad so all my book and music purchases tend to be digital now. I do miss the physical objects but the convenience wins every time.

    • “Browse = Buy something”. Yup!

      I’m torn. I love my Kindle but I also love the feel of a real book. Usually I get the super cheap (like 20p) books on the Kindle and then if I like them will buy an actual copy. Its almost like trying the book out before you buy.

  3. Books are our ticket to being broke! Bookstores are just the perfect place to roam around in. I can stay in there for hours!!! Also, I’d love to hear how The Manifesto on How to be Interesting turns out. It looks… interesting. I guess since it is a Manifesto on being interesting.

      • Oh, then maybe we can all learn something form that book. πŸ˜› My dream is to have a book cafe… Ah, wouldn’t that be sooo great. I’d definitely live in that when I finally have one.

        • I’ve got a bunch of books about bloggers/ youtubers on my tbr list just now. Apparently most of them don’t get the ‘blogging/ youtubing’ thing right. Its going to be interesting to see how accurate it is.

          If I could own a book shop I would be so happy. But I would probably end up like this.

  4. I once tried to avoid going to the book store for 3-4 months, to avoid getting the back-log of bought but unread books even bigger as it is.. after a while I relapsed on the the bookshop and .. keep going back to see, what they have.. some books have been bought and the list of unread is ever-growing.

    • Thats my problem just now. I have about 60 unread books to get through. At the start of the year I decided I wouldn’t buy any more till I had got through the ones I’ve already got. I managed to go three days before I bought another book.

  5. I left many book stores empty handed — I’m a needlessly picky reader. Here’s a challenge: read David Bohm’s Wholeness and the Implicate Order. If you can tackle the whole book — I’ll send you $20.00

    • Its only 300 pages, I’m almost tempted to accept your challenge. Is it just complicated because its about quantum physics?

      He wrote a book about creativity. That looks interesting. I might actually get that.

      • The book is not terribly long and it does include quantum physics, but I wouldn’t necessarily say the book is about quantum physics. David Bohm writing style is not straightforward — he tends to be somewhat symbolic — and at the same time — scientific.

  6. Try working in a bookstore! I had to quit because people would return things and I would turn around in buy them because they looked like good reads. Worse, in the span of 2 months I spent $600! Thank goodness I had a 33% employee discount. Nevertheless I have NO control in a bookstore. lol

  7. I’ve said in the past if some natural disaster or the apocalypse happened while I was in a Barnes & Noble, I wouldn’t be mad. There’s no such thing as going into a book store and walking out without buying at least one book. Good on ya.

  8. My boyfriend used to work in a bookstore and it was painful to go pick him up or visit him. He’d always have to steer me out of the store before I went broke.

  9. I used to have this problem…but I’ve reached a point now where the things I most want to read are either so obscure or so old (or both) that bookstores don’t stock them. I still go in and check sometimes though…because I want to not pay shipping if I buy them online…but I will probably have to. *sigh*

      • Mmm…I really like stories by the author Thomas Ligotti, but I’ve found his work hard to find in stores and most of his books I’ve gotten through Amazon, even though the out-of-print ones are kind of expensive. Same thing for author Clark Ashton Smith (both he and Ligotti are authors of “weird fiction”). Most of his works seem to be out of print, even though I still make cursory scans for them when I go into a bookstore.

        The other book I’ve been keeping an eye out for lately is the “sequel” to All Quiet on the Western Front…but I think I have not been able to find that because it’s not something that very many people (here) seem to want to read, even though I think it’s still in print, so the bookstores don’t stock it.

        • If you’ve ever been interested in H.P. Lovecraft’s writing, Smith was one of his friends who borrowed from and gave ideas to Lovecraft, and Ligotti’s writing was at least influenced by Lovecraft’s work, even if he never writes about Cthulhu or alien gods and whatnot.

  10. At least you read them … I always buy books and they sit around a few years and then I GIVE them away … I’m not much of a reader. πŸ™‚

      • Mine have usually been sitting around 10-20 years before I donate them …. oh – I opened them – I’m just not a great reader … except the Bible … πŸ™‚ I’ve read lots of those books. πŸ™‚

    • Ahaha awesome thanks. I was literally just about to post my versatile blogger award post thing. So I shall just add you to the list of people that have nominated me. But really, thank you very much πŸ™‚

  11. There are no accidents when it comes to the acquisition of books. I’m a firm believer that books come to you at the right time in your life. Hope you are doing well, and I hope you enjoy your new books!! — Jeff

  12. Oh my goodness. I am following you now. I love these book haul posts. I get a lot of my books from the library, mainly because I am running out of room to store books I own.
    The manifesto on how to be interesting looks like a fun read. I’m going to check it out.
    You should follow me too. I’m working on my winter reading challenge now. Lots of book reviews and recommendations

  13. Bookstores are my Achilles heel and my kryptonite and my haven. Also, Afterworlds was fantastic – I didn’t read it straight through (took me a couple months to circle back around to it) but the characters live in my head the same as if I had written the book. Let me know what you think of it!

    • I actually really enjoyed Afterworlds. I read the entire thing in 2 days. I preferred the parts about Darcy in New York. It was interesting to see how publishing worked. But yeah I actually really liked it.

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