What’s In My Bag

I was tagged by chelinumerable on her What’s In My Bag post to share what I have in my bag. I have to admit I enjoy what’s in my bag type posts and I was really excited that I get to do my own version. So, my bag is a… bag that I got many many years ago from Accessorize (I could totally be a beauty blogger).

What's In My Bag

items in bag

Inside I have:

Phone. A Sansung Note which is so big some people think its a game boy. I have a game boy cover on it which really doesn’t help.

Kindle. I can’t be the only person that doesn’t leave home without a book… or three.

Purse (OMG MOOMINS!!!). I love that thing. Got it from a tiny shop in the middle of Bath.

Inhalers. My asthma is much better than what it was but I’m still paranoid that I might need them while I am out.

Foldaway Bag. The Scottish Parliament recently passed legislation that requires shops to charge 5p for a carrier bag. I use this instead because it saves me from having to pay for a bag.

Sunscreen. Because its Scotland outside.

Socks. Yeah, I have no idea why they were in my bag.

Umbrella. Because its Scotland outside.

Lip balm. I really don’t use many lip balms but I like this one from The Body Shop.

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52 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag

  1. Great bag, Emma! Glad to see your Kindle was in there. You would be excommunicated from the ranks of bibliophiles without a book or reader.

      1. Grabbing distance, perhaps?

        I read of one guy who confessed that he had formerly thought he would never, ever, own a reader. He succumbed to the thought of carrying hundreds of books around in his hip pocket.

        1. Yes. Maybe even a bit closer.

          Ereaders are great. But I prefer having an actual book. The thing I love most about them is I no longer have to print out fanfiction if I want to read it away from a computer. You have no idea how many trees that has saved.

  2. A very brave post! Even though people accuse me of being somewhat of an exhibitionist, I don’t think I’d ever, never ever, have the courage to dump out the contents of my bag for all the world to see! I probably don’t even really want to know myself!

    1. The stuff I have in my bag is pretty much the same stuff anyone else would have in their bag. None of the things I have in there are that important to me, its just stuff I own.

  3. Beautiful post!!!! I am not that bold to reveal what’s in my bag. I don’t need most items in there, but I can’t seem to not go out without them. I wonder if there is a term for that.

      1. I’ll try not to cheat, since I just quit my job and this will definitely alter my bag’s content 🙂 Well, we are far away. Unless you were at Mexico or El Salvador, then we’d be neighbors.

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