Dear Emma,

First of all I want to say that if you are actually reading this then awesome, someone must have invented time travel. Go them! I would tell you the lottery numbers or the winners of the grand national or something but alas, I have a terrible memory.

I think I’m supposed to give you advice for the future but honestly I can’t think of much. You must be what. Eight? You have so many things to look forward to. Harry Potter has just been released, you may not think it right now but that book will become really important to you. You will be going to High School soon. You’re going to make some new friends. You’re going to do so many exciting things. You’re even going to visit China!

But here’s the thing. You’re going to make mistakes along the way. You’re going to make stupid decisions. You’re going to drift away from people you thought were your friends. You’re going to have a hard time deciding what you want to do with your life (no you don’t join NASA). But that’s okay, it might take you a while but you’re going to figure everything out in the end.

I wish I could give you advice like don’t bother taking Biology or spend more time studying English. But honestly I’m a little worried about changing the timeline. What if you decide to leave school early, study Computing at university, maybe you even went and got a PhD. Maybe there is an alternate timeline where you invented a new form of artificial intelligence that allowed the robots to take over the planet. I’m going to assume that hasn’t happened as I am still here writing this letter.

The truth is you made lots of mistakes but it is because of those mistakes that I am sitting here today writing you this letter. To be honest if you actually found this letter I know you wouldn’t believe it. Or maybe you would. Do you still think that planting skittles will grow a rainbow? Anyway even if time travel were real I wouldn’t want to change anything. Just keep on doing what you are doing. And if you ever end up in an all you can eat buffet on Renfield Street in Glasgow, don’t try to eat four slices of cake. Its not going to end well.

Best wishes,

Thanks for reading.
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33 Responses to “#DearMe”

  1. Books'N'Feathers

    Makes you wonder what if we all had a letter like this waiting for us and we’d happen to come across it at some point in our lives.

  2. reesertshadow

    It’s kind of you, to speak this way to past you. I just need a Tardis so I can go punch past me in the face at various, strategic points.

    • bluchickenninja

      I mean I would like to do that too. But I can’t really write that in a letter.

      Dear Emma,

      Some day I am going to invent time travel and then I am going to find you and punch you in the face every time you do something stupid.

      Love Emma

  3. shannonjlxo

    I love this! I’ve read a few so far and I like the angle you took of not wanting to change anything. That was so awesome! Good writing. πŸ™‚

    • bluchickenninja

      I just don’t understand why someone would want to spend their entire life regretting every single thing they did wrong.

      I have made some stupid mistakes, some really stupid mistakes. But it must be horrible always thinking about what you should have done differently.

  4. J.R.Goldrich

    Your advice is incredibly wise and wonderful…if only you could travel back approx. three or four decades and meet up with my little girl to advise her similarly. Mistakes wouldn’t have felt so bad, and the present would’ve been more bearable.

  5. blkkat49

    This, I’m sure, is a universal concept. Even if we are strong enough to not interfere with our past, due to consequences, would we at least be stronger when our mistakes happen? Not change pain, but be prepared, as much as we can be? Like losing someone to death suddenly, as opposed to watching them die slowly? I know them both, one more often than the other. Amazing letter. Thank you for sharing and visiting my page.


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